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Indiana University Northwest

Strategic Planning Committee

2008 Outcomes

Outcome #1 
Administrators have documented that their recognition, reward and tenure practices are in alignment with academic excellence.

Outcome #2 
The campus has created a process to align co-curricular and extra-curricular activities with the on-going general education reform process.

Units have aligned their curricula to meet the general education requirements.

Outcome #3
By 2008, IU Northwest will enhance accountability for the campus climate by:

  • Completing its faculty and staff merit/equity study.
  • Obtaining from each administrator, dean and director a written description of the process used within the unit to promote respect and mutual support.
  • Communicating progress of 2007 action items.

Outcome #4 
IU Northwest demonstrates that it values diversity by completing the IU Northwest Diversity Plan, and begin to implement the plan.

Outcome #5 
By December 31, 2008, all units will go through the process of zero-based budgeting to assess its viability.

Outcome #6 
Academic units assess their programs using the criteria in the Academic Excellence document, and develop annual improvement goals based on the results of the assessment.

Develop criteria to be used to identify academically excellent, non-credit bearing academic programs and services, and begin their assessment.

Outcome #7 
The degree to which each unit on campus is meeting relevant student- centered principles has been measured.

Outcome #8 
A comprehensive instructional outreach plan has been developed.

Outcome #9
Performance measures for the initial three performance categories have been identified, a process has been established for developing targets, and data collection has begun in accordance with the AQIP Action Project.