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Indiana University Northwest

Strategic Planning Committee

Outcome 9

2004 Strategic Planning Outcome 9 Report

Engagement Activities

(number of feedback loops, sessions held, meetings, etc.)

A survey developed by the AQIP Technology Subcommittee was distributed to 45 course sections or 1,060 students. Numerous training sessions were conducted for students, faculty and staff on standard IT and Onestart topics and the use of Oncourse.

Number of People Responding

The student response rate to the survey was 36%. 708 people participated in training on standard IT and Onestart topics. 47 faculty participated in Oncourse[ training.

Range of People Responding

(example:  students, faculty, staff, etc.)

The students were the major participants in the collection of the data. Faculty, staff, and students participated in the training and development sessions.

Summary of Actual Outcome Achieved

A student survey was developed to collect data on the use of technology in instruction. The use of technology in the delivery of instruction has increased from 2003 to 2004. Training was provided to faculty on the usage of Oncourse. The number of faculty utilizing OnCourse has increased from 2003 to 2004. The use of technology in administrative work and academic support has increased as the result of a new information system, Peoplesoft.

Results of Outcome

Data is being collected from students to measure the usage of technology in instruction . NSSE data and OnCourse data are being used to measure the usage of technology in the classroom. The staff support in CETL was increased from .5 FTE to 1 FTE.

List of committee members who contributed to Outcome

(same persons will be invited to attend celebration event on the evening of 2/17/05) 

Bala Arshanapalli, Mike Certa, Jacqueline Coven, Emily Hixon, Ranjan Kini, Judy Knapp, Terry Lukas, Marianne Malyj, Charlotte Reed, Bert Scott, Don Steward, Dave Strupeck, and Tim Sutherland