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Indiana University Northwest

Strategic Planning Committee

Outcome 8

Spring 2006 Strategic Planning Outcome 8 Report

Date: May 22, 2006 
Chairs: Anna Rominger, VCAA, Off Site Instruction and Patti Lundberg, Outreach
Outcome #8

2006 Outcome: IU Northwest has established a comprehensive plan for outreach including instruction and service focused on our unique identity, that identifies and works with appropriate external partners in the regions we serve.

Activities completed to date

Method of Engagement/Feedback

Results (for both activity and engagement process)


Revised outcome statement

Strategic Planning Committee

Revision accepted

February 15, 2006

Outreach flow chart   (12/05) adapted for use as outreach process

Strategic Planning Committee; Deans Council

February/March 2006

A statement of purpose for delivery of instruction off-campus has been developed and reviewed with administrations, faculty, and staff.

Deans Council, Cabinet, Enrollment Services

Statement: IU Northwest, a student-centered comprehensive campus of Indiana University, serves residents in our region through high quality liberal arts and professional degree programs at its Gary campus and provides selected courses at other instructional sites to attract new students and to improve accessibility to higher education.

April 3, 2006

A statement of purpose for delivery of service off-campus has been developed and reviewed with administration, faculty, and staff.

Deans Council

CRE boards and Cabinet

Statement: The outreach mission of IU Northwest is to promote regional quality of life by collaborating with the communities we serve on issues relating to cultural discovery and learning and sustainable regional vitality.

May 9, 2006


Note:  In filling out the next chart, any activities identified as well as engagement approaches should only be listed if the chair is at least 95% confident of achieving their success by the dates

Activities remaining to be completed

Proposed Engagement

Expected completion dates

Update from Deans/Directors/ on relevant off-campus service/outreach activities, built on 12/05 unit reports for outcome 1 and 6; for web

Deans’ Council

May 23

Academic units doing relevant outreach provide to CRE a designated “uplink” person for off-campus service opportunities and departmental capacity, for web

Deans Council

May 23

Identify gaps in service activities in Unique Identity
cultural discovery and learning, sustainable regional vitality.

Deans Council

May 23

Refer gaps (opportunities) in service activities to Deans/Directors and VCs and Center for Regional Excellence, as per flow chart process

Deans Council, Cabinet

May 23

A preliminary strategy and business plan for the delivery of instruction off-campus has been developed and presented to administration, faculty and staff.

Deans’ Council, Cabinet, Enrollment Services

June 9

Goals and objectives for relevant service activities off-campus with an appropriate timeline has been developed and presented to the campus. (Arts and culture to be a model, as adapted from regional cultural plan developed in 2005)

Deans Council, Faculty Organization, Cabinet

June 9

Cabinet evaluates business plan for off site instruction and determines if it is feasible


June 15

Action steps for the delivery of all service activities off-campus with appropriate timelines have been developed and presented to the campus.

October 15