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Indiana University Northwest

Strategic Planning Committee

Outcome 8

2004 Strategic Planning Outcome 8 Report

Engagement Activities

(number of feedback loops, sessions held, meetings, etc.)

Bob Lovely represented IU Northwest at many meetings in Newton County to help develop appropriate outreach opportunities in that area. The committee held 10 meetings throughout the year, addressing outreach and AQIP issues. Six (6) focus group sessions were conducted in Starke County to assist with needs assessment; approximate 140 individuals took part in the sessions.

Number of People Responding

Approximately 20 community and academic leaders from the Newton County area were involved in determining appropriate outreach activities. A non-credit course offered, Digital Photography, had 10 participants. Approximately 140 people participated in the six focus group sessions held in Starke County August through October.

Range of People Responding

(example:  students, faculty, staff, etc.)

The committee, Deans’ Council, the Cabinet, community and school representatives, representatives from St. Joseph’s College and Purdue Extension were all participants helping develop outreach opportunities. A wide range of participants (business and community and academic leaders) were involved in Starke County focus groups.

Summary of Actual Outcome Achieved

One non-credit course, Digital Photography, was offered in Fall 2004. Another non-credit course, Using E-bay, was postponed; it will be offered early 2005. A one-hour credit course, Introduction to College, was scheduled, but was canceled for lack of enrollment; that course may be offered again in 2005. Desila Rosetti conducted six (6) focus group sessions in Starke County for needs assessment.

Results of Outcome

A total of 10 individuals participated in the Digital Photography course. Sustainability is being addressed by ensuring involvement of at least one academic dean with the committee and by scheduling of courses for 2005.

List of committee members who contributed to Outcome

(same persons will be invited to attend celebration event on the evening of 2/17/05) 

Jon Becker, Don Coffin, Glenda Dexter-Brown, Carrie Greer, Jeff Lorber, Bob Lovely, Dan Lowery, Lori Montalbano-Phelps, Desila Rosetti, TJ Stoops