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Indiana University Northwest

Strategic Planning Committee

Outcome 7

2004 Strategic Planning Outcome 7 Report

Engagement Activities

(number of feedback loops, sessions held, meetings, etc.)

The Committee met as a whole 5 times; the average attendance was 19; there were 5 students on the committee.

The committee manned tables for 2 days collecting feedback from students from 8:15 AM to 6:00 PM

Number of People Responding

We received feedback from 132 students, Student Government Association, each vice chancellor and their staffs, the Director of Diversity and Equity, faculties from all schools/colleges.

Range of People Responding

(example:  students, faculty, staff, etc.)

We got feedback from the entire campus community (students, faculty, and staff)

Summary of Actual Outcome Achieved

The committee thought it very important to add a preamble to the principles that were developed in 2001 and a mechanism for updating was recommended and approved.

Results of Outcome

The Student Centered Principles are clearer and a mechanism for updating is now in place for the future.

List of committee members who contributed to Outcome

(same persons will be invited to attend celebration event on the evening of 2/17/05) 

Audrea Davis, Tracie Johnson, Peter Kesheimer, Nicki Lott, Robert Lovely, Marianne Milich, Anne Mitchell, Sandy Piehl, Florence Sawicki, Cynthia Szymanski, Linda Templeton, James Thomas, and Robert Weiler.

Students – Nancy Escobedo, Virginia Hughes, Tokunboh Olaosebikan.