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Indiana University Northwest

Strategic Planning Committee

Outcome 6

2005 Strategic Planning Outcome 1 and 6 Timeline
(closely paralleled Timelines): revised 2/23/05

Completion Dates



Feb-Mar 22

Reflection and drafting period

  1. Assure all constituencies have been considered


  1. Reflect on the use of a definition of excellence


  1. Establish time lines and meeting schedules (every other Wednesday, noon, with Outcome 1 Committee)

Chairs, Outcome 1, 6

  1. Study national models and IU Northwest documents [P&T Guidelines, academic handbook, student code of conduct, teaching committee criteria, service and research awards criteria, unit mission statements and service philosophies, accreditation standards, general education outcomes, goals of majors?, AQIP quality statements, student centered principles, student profile of academic excellence, diversity, APC criteria; Boyer’s categories of scholarship; Research publications on definitions and characteristics of academic excellence in other institutions].

Chairs, Team

Mar 4

  1. Receive from deans, vice chancellors documents requested


Mar 23-30

  1. Share drafts of definitions and characteristics of excellence with Strategic Planning Team via email for input, concurrence.


Apr 1-Jul 31

Submission to campus community and feedback period

April 1

  1. Deliver drafts of definitions and characteristics of excellence and seek feedback from campus (VCs for support units, deans for academic units). Executive Committee meets April1; request that drafts be referred to Academic Affairs or Faculty Affairs, Assessment Committee, General Education Committee, or any committee that the Executive Committee deems appropriate, for their consideration, meeting with them as necessary. Distribute widely via email and web the drafts of excellence documents.


Apr 1-May 15

  1. Meetings with deans/directors and academic units as available, student groups, and units that VCs recommend for support services about definitions and characteristics

Chairs, Supports, Outcome 1, 6

May 15-Jul 31

  1. Gather feedback [including faculty org committees]


Aug 1–Sep 1

  1. Redraft documents based on shared feedback

Chairs, Team

Sep 1-7

  1. Submit to SPT for concurrence via email; revise if necessary


Sep 9-30

  1. Offer new drafts to campus community for feedback; to Faculty Organization at September meeting for concurrence


Sep 30–Oct 15

  1. Make revisions if necessary; gain concurrence via email from SPT and cabinet for any revisions

Chairs, Team

Oct 31

  1. Present “final” definition and characteristics docs to campus


Nov 1-Dec 15

  1. Request and receive written reports from academic and support units (via VCs) that demonstrate their understanding of these definitions and characteristics for excellence and how they are used within units. [Additional for Outcome 6 only: reports should demonstrate how these characteristics are used within units to foster our unique identity in sustainable regional vitality and cultural discovery and learning.]


2005 Strategic Planning Outcome 1 and 6 Deliverables