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Indiana University Northwest

Strategic Planning Committee

Outcome 6

Spring 2006 Strategic Planning Outcome 6 Report

Date: May 22, 2006
Chair: Anna Rominger, Interim VCA
Outcome #6

2006 Outcome: In support of its aspirations for academic excellence, IU Northwest has defined its relationship with community colleges in the regions we serve.

Activities completed to date

Method of Engagement/Feedback

Results (for both activity and engagement process)


The outcome statement was accepted by the Strategic Planning Team

Strategic Planning Team and Cabinet


February 15, 2006

The VCAA presented a proposed list to the Cabinet of relevant community colleges

Dean’s and Director’s Council

List included Prairie State College ( Chicago); South Suburban College ( South Holland, IL); Ivy Tech
( All NW locations); Ancilla College
( Donaldson, IN);
Olive Harvey (Chicago); Moraine Valley Community College
 ( Palos Hills)

March 1, 2006

Cabinet reviews list.



March 15, 2006

The Chancellor contacts chancellor/president of selected community colleges and proposes a discussion

Chancellor and relevant administrative heads of community colleges

All contacts made

April 14, 2006

VCAA initiates a plan for development of a plan for interaction in collaboration with the academic leadership of selected community colleges

VCAA and administrative leadership of community colleges

All contacts made

May 1

Note:  In filling out the next chart, any activities identified as well as engagement approaches should only be listed if the chair is at least 95% confident of achieving their success by the dates identified.

Activities remaining to be completed

Proposed Engagement

Expected completion dates

VCAA works with academic leadership of community colleges and the Dean’s and Director’s Council to develop a plan for interaction

Academic leadership from community colleges and Deans’ and Directors’ Council

September 27

VCAA presents proposed development plans to the Cabinet and Deans and Directors

Cabinet and Deans and Directors

October 2

Selected development plans are implemented and the VCAA provides updates as needed

Deans and Directors, academic leadership at community colleges

October 30