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Indiana University Northwest

Strategic Planning Committee

Outcome 6

2004 Strategic Planning Outcome 6 Report

Strategic Outcome #6 for 2004 was: By 2004 IU Northwest has a shared understanding of the definitions of “sustainable regional vitality” and “cultural discovery and learning”

  1. An initial meeting on October, 2003 attracted about 10 people. We decided to develop a communications plan and to develop information that would allow an elaboration of the concept of “Sustainable Regional Vitality.” Our discussion led us to the conclusion that a formal definition would not be terribly useful. Rather, what we were looking for were aspects of a local area that would allow it to achieve sustainable vitality. We decided at this meeting that the work done by the working group on Cultural Discovery and Learning would serve as a basis for that part of our task.
  2. At a subsequent meeting in February 2004, we discovered that the list of items we had developed mirrored the “dimensions” in the Quality of Life Council report. The group decided that it made sense to merge the two lists and proceed from there. We developed a list of 12 items (compared with 11 in the Quality of Life Council report) and circulated them for comment. At the same time, we circulated the statement developed by the CDL working group for comment.
  3. In June we met again, considered and incorporated comments in both parts of our draft and re-circulated what we were now calling the “dimensions of Sustainable Regional Vitality” and a slightly modified CDL statement.
  4. In October, we considered (via email) a new set of comments and developed yet another draft. This draft served as a semi-final draft. This draft was circulated again, primarily to the Deand and to the Cabinet, for comment.
  5. In December, the Curitoriate of the Center for Cultural Discovery and Learning and the Governing Board of the Center for Sustainable Regional Vitality met jointly to consider the statement of our shared understandings. At that meeting, modifications both the understanding of SRV and the understanding of CDL were discussed and recommended by the group.
  6. We transmitted this revised statement to the Deans and the Cabinet. That concluded our work.