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Indiana University Northwest

Strategic Planning Committee

Outcome 6

2004 Status and Processes Notes

I invited the faculty and staff nominated by the deans and by the VCAA’s office, along with the Curitoriate from the Center for Cultural Discovery and Learning to an initial meeting on Friday, October 10, at 1:00 PM in HH104. I also sent an open invitation to the staff listserv. Approximately 10 people attended.

Prior to this meeting, I met with Dr. Patti Lundberg, the Director of the Center for Cultural Discovery and Learning and Prof. Neal Goodman, Chair of the Curitoriate. In that meeting, we discussed the activities of a working group leading up to the formation of the Center and of the work of the Curiotriate since its appointment.

At the October 10 meeting, Dr. Lundberg discussed the progress being made by the Center. The consensus of the meeting was that the definition and elaboration of the meaning of “cultural discovery and learning” that has taken place may be a sufficient basis for a campus-wide understanding of the meaning of cultural discovery and learning. The Center and the Curitoriate will develop a communications plan for the campus community.

We also agreed on the following approaches for developing a shared understanding of “sustainable regional vitality”:

  • To call a follow-up meeting (tentatively, October 31) at which we hope to generate increased participation. I intend to invite the same groups to this meeting.
  • Establish a small working group to
    1. Develop an elaboration of the meaning of “sustainable regional vitality” and
    2. Develop a plan for communicating that elaboration, obtaining feedback, and
      refining the elaboration of the meaning of “sustainable regional vitality.”

I have also heard from a number of people who were unable to attend the October 10 meeting, but who wish to become involved in the process.

Donald A. Coffin
Sponsor, Outcome 6