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Indiana University Northwest

Strategic Planning Committee

Outcome 5

Spring 2006 Strategic Planning Outcome 5 Report

Date: May 22, 2006
Chair: Bruce Bergland
Outcome Number: 5

2006 Outcome: IU Northwest demonstrates fiscal responsibility and flexibility to sustain excellence in its programs and services, and to respond to new opportunities for funding of programs that support the Vision, by reviewing and revising its organizational structure.

Activities completed to date

Method of Engagement/Feedback

Results (for both activity and engagement process)


Obtain SPT approval of outcome statement.

Meeting w/ SPT.



Hold retreat focusing on operationalizing commitment to focus on H & HS.

Twenty-nine person team (Cabinet, Deans, faculty).
Participants:  Kwesi Aggrey,
Pat Bankston, Bruce Bergland,
George Bodmer, Don Coffin,
Ken Coopwood, Linda Delunas,
Bill Dorin, Karen Evans, Sam Flint, Chuck Gallmeier, Carolyn Hartley, Robin Hass Birky, Iztok Hozo,
Dee Dee Ige, Kathryn Lantz, Patti Lundberg, Deanna McDonald, Cynthia O’Dell, Joe Pellicciotti, Linda Rooda, Carol Rusinek, Anna Rominger, Florence Sawicki,
Bert Scott, Tim Sutherland,
Denise Travis, Marilyn Vasquez,
Stan Wigle

Retreat held


Review results of first retreat session with SPT.

SPT Retreat

Update provided.  Two task forces formed: 
Task Force #1 – Charged to develop draft proposal for a School of Health and Human Services. 
Members:  Kwesi Aggrey, Pat Bankson, Bruce Bergland, George Bodmer,  Linda Delunas,  Iztok Hozo, Anna Rominger, Linda Rooda, Denise Travis
Task Force #2 – Charged to solicit input/feedback regarding issues and concerns produced by formation of School of Health and Human Services. 
Members:   Kwesi Aggrey,
Anna Rominger, Patti Lundberg, Chuck Gallmeier, Don Coffin, Dee Dee Ige, Karen Evans

5/30/2006 to 6/1/2006

Note:  In filling out the next chart, any activities identified as well as engagement approaches should only be listed if the chair is at least 95% confident of achieving their success by the dates identified.

Activities remaining to be completed

Proposed Engagement

Expected completion dates

Hold follow-up work sessions to the Reorganization Retreat.

Participants from three day reorganization retreat.

Follow-up session dates:  June 12; June 26; July 6; July 20; August 8

Submit recommendations regarding reorganization.

Letter from Chancellor to President.


Obtain and discuss feedback from President Herbert.

Reorganization retreat participants.


Review feedback with SPT.

SPT Fall Retreat


Develop implementation plan.

Deans’ Council and Cabinet

11/16 – 12/1/06

Inform campus regarding action plan.