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Indiana University Northwest

Strategic Planning Committee

Outcome 5

2004 Strategic Planning Outcome 5 Report

Engagement Activities

(number of feedback loops, sessions held, meetings, etc.)

Frequent meetings of the non-academic outcome 5 committee. Spent about 180,000 person-seconds working on these issues. Achieved brilliant conclusions and resolved most of the issues troubling our campus.
The Academic Priority Committee added this issue to its regular agenda and agreed on the resolution.

Original plan for introduction of non-academic programs considered and discussed by: Faculty Organization’s Executive Committee, Dean’s Council and Cabinet. At the end, the plan for introduction of non-academic programs was rejected by the Cabinet in favor of status quo.

Number of People Responding

10-20 for non-academic programs.
10-20 for academic programs.

Range of People Responding

(example:  students, faculty, staff, etc.)

Strategic Planning Committee
Faculty and Staff on the non-academic committee.
Faculty in Academic Priority Committee.
Deans in Dean’s Council.

Summary of Actual Outcome Achieved

The program prioritization process has established a way to address introduction of new programs and prioritization of existing support programs.

Results of Outcome

Done Deal!

List of committee members who contributed to Outcome

(same persons will be invited to attend celebration event on the evening of 2/17/05) 

Bill Durkin
Scott Fulk
Kathy Horvath
Iztok Hozo
Marianne Malyj
Kathryn Manteuffel
Katheryne Pavey
Michelle Searer
Cindy Szymanski