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Indiana University Northwest

Strategic Planning Committee

Outcome 5

2006 Final Achievement - Status Summary:

The actual wording of this outcome was modified during spring 2006 as a result of President Herbert’s direction to the campus to operationalize a significant initiative in Health and Human Services. Therefore in order to address the challenge presented by the President to IU Northwest, the Strategic Planning Team chose to restate the outcome in such a way as to include both work to develop a proposal regarding Health and Human Services and also to address, subsequently, the organization structure of the institution for the purpose of moving it in a more effective and efficient direction, if needed.

In order to achieve these ends, the campus created a planning team involving deans, members of the Faculty Organization Executive Committee, the Cabinet and other selected administrative staff. The planning team developed plans for a College of Health and Human Services and chose to delay action with regard to other organizational changes. The result was that by September 2007 a proposal regarding a potential college was submitted to the President and received strong support from him. He then asked that the proposal be developed more completely and submitted to him by February 5, 2007 in order to be presented during the March 2007 Board of Trustees meeting.

The planning team made the decision to delay any work on other organizational changes until the Health and Human Services proposal had been presented to the Board of Trustees so that IU Northwest would, more clearly, understand what form the new college would take. Based on that outcome, the planning team turned its attention to other organizational changes.