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Indiana University Northwest

Strategic Planning Committee

Outcome 4

Spring 2006 Strategic Planning Outcome 4 Report

Date: May 22, 2006
Chair: Marilyn Vasquez
AQIP Chair: Denise Travis
Outcome Number: 4

2006 Outcome:  IU Northwest has increased its efforts to recruit, hire, and retain a more ethically and racially diverse faculty, staff, and administrative workforce; in order to be more reflective of our campus community, the primary focus for these recruitment, hiring, and retention efforts in 2006 will be African American and Hispanic/Latinos.

Activities completed to date

Method of Engagement/Feedback

Results (for both activity and engagement process)


Best tactics to employ and retain a diverse faculty and staff are discussed.

Cabinet and Deans’ and Directors’ Council
Committee on Cultural Diversity (CCD)

CCD will continue current processes for the recruitment and employment of a diverse faculty, administrators and staff.

February 27

Baseline data on racial/ethnic diversity of faculty and staff is collected and distributed to the Cabinet.

 Human Resources, Academic Records, and Cabinet

Baseline data on the racial/ethnic diversity for full-time faculty, administrators, professional and biweekly staff is available.

February 28

Action project submitted to AQIP.

Denise Travis, Robin Hass Birky, Linda Delunas

Action Project posted to AQIP website

April 3

Determined any changes resulting from recruitment activities on the racial/ethnic diversity of faculty and staff.

Marilyn Vasquez, Human Resources, Academic Records

Results are inconclusive.  Most of the employment searches have not been finalized.

April 15

Data collected by the previous Outcome 4 Committee was submitted to HR.

Denise Travis and Carolyn Hartley

Work of previous committee can be utilized in the future development of the Human Capital Plan.

May 1

Note:  In filling out the next chart, any activities identified as well as engagement approaches should only be listed if the chair is at least 95% confident of achieving their success by the dates identified.

Activities remaining to be completed

Proposed Engagement

Expected completion dates

Finalization of the plans of mentoring program for faculty.

Denise Travis, Deans’ and Directors’ Council

June 12

Review results of recruitment efforts on the ethnic/diversity of faculty, administrators, professional and biweekly staff.

Marilyn Vasquez, HR, Academic Records, Cabinet, Deans’ and Directors’ Council

August 1

Kick off of faculty mentoring program.

Denise Travis, Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning, Faculty mentors, new faculty

September 14

AQIP Action Project update submitted and posted on AQIP website.

Denise Travis, Robin Hass Birky, Linda Delunas

September 14

Based upon feedback from the Campus Climate Survey and focus groups, conduct at least one set of Difficult Conversations Study Circles.

Faculty, Staff, Administrators

November 30

Report to Cabinet on the results of the activities to recruit, hire, and retain African American and Hispanic/Latino faculty, staff, and administrators.

HR, Deans’ and Directors’ Council, Cabinet, all units on the  campus

December 15