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Indiana University Northwest

Strategic Planning Committee

Outcome 4

2004 Strategic Planning Outcome 4 Report

Engagement Activities

(number of feedback loops, sessions held, meetings, etc.)

  • developed and distributed document package to campus for input
  • received input
  • held 3 face to face meetings with staff, students and faculty
  • held 8 interviews with senior faculty
  • distributed draft to campus community
  • received feedback, reviewed and revised a total of 10 drafts
  • requested and received a list of diversity activities from all Deans, Vice Chancellors and Directors

Number of People Responding

  • 15 email and hard copy inputs
  • 35 attendees at face to face meetings
  • 8 faculty interviews
  • 10 feedback responses
  • 10 administrators [Vice Chancellors, Deans and Directors] submitted lists of current diversity activities

Range of People Responding

(example:  students, faculty, staff, etc.)

Persons from all parts of the campus community took part in all phases of the process, students, faculty, staff and administration.

Summary of Actual Outcome Achieved

Through an inclusive process described above, the Committee for Outcome #4 developed a shared definition and understanding of diversity as a critical component of academic excellence. The Committee also collected data on a wide variety of diversity activities that manifest the academic excellence/diversity interface.

Results of Outcome

The long term result of Outcome #4 for 2004 will be as foundation for the 2006 and 2010 outcomes as they strive to institutionalize the connection between excellence and diversity. In the short term the results of Outcome #4 are reflected in the many programs and activities that have taken place and are taking place as noted in the material submitted by the Vice Chancellors, Deans and Directors. These include a wide variety of curricular and co-curricular events, classes, performances, exhibits, publications and the like.

List of committee members who contributed to Outcome

(same persons will be invited to attend celebration event on the evening of 2/17/05) 

Previously submitted.