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Indiana University Northwest

Strategic Planning Committee

Outcome 3

2005 Strategic Planning Outcome 3 Timeline

Completion Dates
Method of
Affected Constituent
3/4/05 Draft initial distribution letter (IDL) to prompt distribution of IU Northwest Statement of Principles (SOP) and respective Shared Codes of Conduct (SCC) to division constituents by all Most Responsible Persons (MRP’s) – Chancellor and VC’s Committee  
3/14/05 Meet with Chancellor and VC’s to discuss what method is best to ensure distribution of SOP and SCC to each division constituent. Begin distribution Committee Chair, Chancellor, VC’s Committee letters, discussion, engagement methods determined by each VC:
Chancellor and VC’s, All non-student personnel
4/15/05 Send reminders to MRP’s to ensure SOP is distributed and SCC is accessed by all division staff Committee Committee letters, Phone calls, Email:
Administrative and Academic VC’s
5/6/05 Begin data collection from Chancellor and VC’s to document knowledge of and accountability for the SOP and applicable SCC Committee  
6/30/05 Finish collecting data, summarize methods used to ensure accountability and sustainability Committee Chair, Committee Physical collection, email:
Chancellor and VC’s
7/31/05 Develop a student Knowledge and Accountability Survey (KAS) Committee  
8/15/05 Mail IDL inside Student Code Student Services Direct mail:
All students
9/1/05 – 10/31/05 Create awareness of data collection via KAS: Publish student IDL and response directions in NW Phoenix, Create response links on IU Northwest homepage, Create impromptu images on IU Northwest sidewalks, Create handbills, Classroom fliers, Work in Diversity Landmark activity News staff, Webmaster, Committee, Committee Chair, ODE Newsletter – Internet – Sidewalk visuals- Email – Direct contact:
Direct to students
11/15/05 Compile student data Committee  
12/31/05 Submit all data and summary to Cabinet,Publish results on IU Northwest website Webmaster, Committee, Marketing, Audio Visual  

2005 Strategic Planning Outcome 3 Deliverables