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Indiana University Northwest

Strategic Planning Committee

Outcome 3

December 2005 Strategic Planning Outcome 3 Final Report

Date: December, 2005
Chair: Ken Coopwood, Sr., Ph.D.
Other Committee Members: *Anda Tuncay, Jose R. Payan, *Damion Smith, Patty Woosley, Linda Anderson, Denson Chatfield, Ryan Shelton, Charlotte Reed, *Scooter Pegram, Surekha Rao, Mary F. Lee (* withdrawn members)
Outcome Number: 3

Deliverables: Confirmation of knowledge and recognition of personal accountability of the IU Northwest Statement of Principles and Shared Code of Conduct by IU Northwest faculty and staff and a representative sample (approx. 15%) of IU Northwest students.

February 13, 2006, statement from Chancellor Bergland: This outcome focused on acquiring from faculty, staff, administration and students data confirming each individual’s knowledge and recognition of personal accountability for IU Northwest’s Statement of Principles and the Codes of Conduct relevant to faculty, staff and students. The materials were developed by a committee led by Ken Coopwood. Materials were distributed to all divisions and included distribution to students with returns as follows: Office of the Chancellor (6); University Advancement (9); Academic Affairs (173); Student Affairs (37) staff, (450) students; Information Technology and Administrative Affairs (19 and 108). The Cabinet has accepted the data presented with its approval.

The Committee reviewed reports from the Chancellor and Vice Chancellors on November 15, 2005. All reports were received using the requested format of:

  • A signed statement indicating that the SOP and SCC had been distributed
  • Indication of how many forms were collected; how many person refused to sign to did not complete the signing process
  • Indication of the administrator’s sense of acceptance of the documents within his/her division
  • Indication of efforts to encourage usage of the Vision, Code and principles in future developments within the division

Division reports are as follows:

Information Technology and Administrative/Fiscal Affairs

Forms were distributed to each employee. Experiences with getting forms returned by hourly employees were difficult. Some refusal to sign the form was also experienced by fulltime employees although a majority of forms for fulltime employees were signed and returned with minimal concern.

Office of the Chancellor

This office reported a distribution and collection of six (6) forms. Favorable reference to the usefulness of information and web links was also reported.

University Advancement

This division reported a distribution and collection of nine (9) forms.

Academic Affairs

This division reported a distribution to all units and collection of one hundred seventy-three (173) forms. Personnel submitting this units report expressed one of two opinions seemed to prevail during the distribution process. These were: (1) forms were unnecessary and (2) the purpose of the form was to not ensure access but to attempt to gain proof of employee knowledge of policies and procedures for purposes of future disciplinary action

Student Affairs

This division reported the distribution and collection of 100% of fulltime employee forms. Forms not collected totaled only fifteen (15) in reference to hourly employees. Forms were distributed to all students via mass mailing and email. Collection of approximately four hundred and fifty (450) responses was reported. This response rate for students was felt to be unprecedented given the history of outreach initiatives.

Committee Observations & Recommendations:

The overall sense of acceptance appeared to be favorable among fulltime employees. However, difficulties noted centered around 1) understanding of the document and, 2) the accountability component of the Shared Codes of Conduct (SCC).

Four of the five units reporting stated that an annual review of the SCC would be conducted. All units should be encouraged to review the SCC annually. It is recommended that adherence to and demonstrations of the SCC become part of the performance management process.

Finally, the committee is pleased to submit its orientation packet for all IU Northwest new hires.

This report respectfully submitted by:

Outcome #3 Committee

Ken Coopwood, Sr., Ph.D.; Chair

*Anda Tuncay, Jose R. Payan, *Damion Smith, Patty Woosley, Linda Anderson, Denson Chatfield, Ryan Shelton, Charlotte Reed, *Scooter Pegram, Surekha Rao, Mary F. Lee (* withdrawn members