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Indiana University Northwest

Strategic Planning Committee

Outcome 3

2006 Final Achievement - Status Summary:

The first step identified was to develop and implement a survey of the campus climate. This was done in May 2006, and the survey received a very high response rate. The results were used to identify topics which were then addressed in focus groups during the summer of 2006. The focus groups were led by staff from Indiana University’s Human Resource Office. The results of the focus group process was presented to the Cabinet with recommendations for action steps in October 2006. The Cabinet developed a set of draft action items and shared these items with deans and directors to obtain response and comment. The input was received in late Fall of 2006, and by the end of November 2006, the action items to be pursued were finalized.

One action item, Administration commits to at least one meeting every two months involving the Cabinet, the Deans’ Council and the President of the Faculty Organization for the discussion of major issues/decisions facing the campus, was initiated in December 2006.

Other topics addressed for which the Chancellor’s Cabinet proposes to implement include:

  1. Improving communication vis-à-vis staff
    • This will be done by holding town hall meetings, at convenient times, to provide for maximum staff participation for the purpose of soliciting ideas on the most effective ways for administration to communicate and share information.
  2. Staff development and leadership training
    • Administration commits to supporting at least one professional development initiative, per year, for each staff employee.
    • Administration commits to developing a scorecard of critical leadership skills and using the scorecard, consistently, in performance management reviews.
    • Administration commits to providing a leadership training series.
  3. Improving communication vis-à-vis Deans and faculty
    • Administration commits to posting the agenda and action minutes of the Chancellor’s Cabinet on the web.
    • The Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs commits to meeting with each academic unit one time per year.
    • The Chancellor and Vice Chancellor’s commit to meeting with each department and academic unit each year.