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Indiana University Northwest

Strategic Planning Committee

2010 Vision Outcomes

Outcome Number
Outcomes for 2010
IU Northwest’s value for academic excellence as defined by a love of ideas, and achievement and engagement in learning, scholarship, discovery, creativity, and service is clearly reflected in its performance, in its curricula, and in its recognition, reward, and tenure practices.
All academic programs and relevant support programs have implemented teaching and learning experiences that ensure they will prepare their 2014 graduates for lifelong learning, ethical practices, developing successful careers, and effective citizenship.
IU Northwest students, faculty, staff, and administrators value and demonstrate respect for each other, and support individual and campus community aspirations and growth.
IU Northwest values and is recognized for its commitment to diversity as a critical component of excellence in higher education as demonstrated through recruitment and retention of students, faculty, staff and administrators, employment practices, professional development, and its academic programs.
IU Northwest demonstrates fiscal responsibility and flexibility in collaborative ways to sustain excellence in its programs and services, and to respond to new opportunities for funding or programs that support the Vision.
IU Northwest sets priorities and allocates resources to academically excellent programs and services that clearly foster sustainable regional vitality and/or cultural discovery and learning.
Campus decisions, including the allocation of resources, follow and support applicable IU Northwest student-centered principles.
IU Northwest successfully collaborates and cooperates in the regions it serves on issues relating to sustainable regional vitality and cultural discovery and learning.
IU Northwest systematically measures effectiveness in its organizational structures and processes and uses data derived from those measures for continuous improvement.