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Plath Profiles

Volume 5 Supplement - Fall 2012

Contents: Volume 5 Supplement - Fall 2012

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Front Matter
Cover, Table of Contents, etc.


Editor's Note
by W. K. Buckley


"The books I carry wedge into my side": A British teenager discovers Sylvia Plath
by Catherine Morgan

Excerpt from the 2007 Foreword to Chapters in a Mythology
by Judith Kroll

Discovering Sylvia Plath
by Steven Gould Axelrod

Dark Waters: Reading Sylvia Plath
by Christine Walde

The vase, reconstructed, houses the elusive rose
by Elena Ciobanu

Sylvia and I
by Peter Cooley


Detail from Cover
by Peter K. Steinberg

"Empty Benches of Memory": Sylvia Plath, A Sketch
by Azadeh Feridounpour

An Oracle in Ariel
by Cathleen Allyn Conway

"Lady Lazarus" and Lady Chatterley
by W. K. Buckley

We Should Meet in Another Life, we Should Meet in Air, me and you
by Anonymous

Ariel was the first book I ever stole
by Anne Gorrick

Heptonstall Cemetery: A Memoir, A Tribute, A Defense, and A Eulogy
by Diann Blakely

A Memoir with Sylvia
by Susan Banks

American Isis: The Life and Art of Sylvia Plath by Carl Rollyson

Last Rites
by George Fitzgerald

Sylvia Plath and I
by Linda Gates

The Beautiful Mundane: Plath's Object Transformations
by Tisha Nemeth-Loomis

"Nothin' Says Lovin' Like a Poet in the Oven": A History of the Sylvia Plath Bake-Off
by Cheryl A. Rice

Living In the Mind of a Perfectionist: A Plath-ological Memoir
by Catherine Tobin

Recollections of Mrs. Hughes's Student
by Ellen Bartlett Nodelman and Amanda Golden


Finding Plath's Voice
by Melissa Adamo

"Panic" over Puddle Jumping in Plath's "Mothers"
by Jaime Jost

Metonymic Space: A Different Figurative Possibility in Sylvia Plath's Poetry
by Shu-Ching Wu


Two Poems
by Kathy Aponick

92 Johnson Avenue, 1985
by Diann Blakely

No Songs, No Packages
by Cheryl A. Rice

Sylvia Plath Slept Here
by Dan Wilcox

A Late Memoir

We Are One
by Jennifer Thompson