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Indiana University Northwest

Plath Profiles

Contents: Volume 3 - Summer 2010

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Front Matter
Cover, Table of Contents, etc.


Editor's Note
by W. K. Buckley


Plath's Legacy for a Male Poet
by Peter Cooley

"On the Quicksands of Ambivalence": Irony in Sylvia Plath
by Maria Rita Drummond Viana

Plath's Possession Aesthetic: Visual and Object Libido
by Tisha Nemeth-Loomis

Through the Looking Glass: A Discussion of Doubling in Sylvia Plath's "Mirror"
by Cathleen Allyn Conway


Detail from Bedroom Wallpaper
from 3 Chalcot Square, London, 1960.

Similarities and Dissimilarities in the Poetry of Kamala Das and Sylvia Plath
by Nidhi Mehta

Poetic Echoes of Sylvia Plath in the Poetry of Oriya Poet Ramakant Rath
by A. J. Khan and B. D. Dash

"Through the Beautiful Red": The Use of the Color Red as the Triple-Goddess in Sylvia Plath's Ariel
by Allison Wilkins

Sylvia Plath's Spell on Ariel: Conjuring the Perfect Book of Poems Through Mysticism and Tarot
by Julia Gordon-Bramer

"They Had to Call and Call": The Search for Sylvia Plath
by Peter K. Steinberg

Advertisement: British Library's The Spoken Word: Sylvia Plath

Lifting The Bell Jar: Essays on the Novel

Alienation and Renewal in The Bell Jar
by Steven Axelrod

The Female Predicament in The Bell Jar and St. Mawr
by Andru Lugo

The Bell Jar: A Psychological Case Study
by Stephanie Tsank

Special Features

A Poem, A Friend
by Gail Crowther with Elizabeth Sigmund

from Birthday Letters: Annotations and Commentary
by Kara Kilfoil

from Sylvia Plath's Poetry: The Metamorphoses of the Poetic Self
by Elena Ciobanu

Baking for Sylvia
by Kate Moses

Sylvia Plath and Material Culture
Guest Edited by Amanda Golden

Sylvia Plath and Material Culture
by Amanda Golden

These Ghostly Archives, Redux
by Gail Crowther & Peter K. Steinberg

Medusa/Melusina: The Magic Mirror of Sylvia Plath's "Medusa"
by Nephie Christodoulides

Early Public Representations of Sylvia Plath: An Analysis of the Sylvia Plath Issue of The Review
by Gina Hodnik

Sylvia Plath and Edvard Munch: Mindscape of Chagrin>
by Hong Zeng

Talking Body Parts and Missing Commodities: Cinematic Complexes and Sylvia Plath
by Vidhu Aggarwal


Three Poems
by David Trinidad

Three Poems
by Christine Walde

Two Poems
by Peter Cooley

Five Poems
by Raymond Luczak

by Barbara Crooker

Two Poems
by Sarah Nichols

Six Poems
by Hong Zeng

by Erika Mikkalo

Five Poems
by Teresa Laye

by Allison Wilkins

Bee Reflections
by Stacy Smith

A Note for Sylvia Plath (9 Willow Street Revisited)
by Dale A. Edmands

After Plath
by Christi Concus


"Daddy" into Hindi
by Smita Agarwal

"Daddy" into Macedonian
by Kristina Zimbakova

"Ariel" into Macedonian
by Kristina Zimbakova

"The Detective" into Portuguese
by Maria Rita Drummond Viana


Five Sympathies
by Izzy Oneiric

Sylvia Returns the Male Gaze
by W. K. Buckley


Note to the Editor
by Celia

On Sylvia Plath: A Response to Celia
by Steven Axelrod

A Note About the Cover
by Peter K. Steinberg


Review of Elena Ciobanu, Sylvia Plath's Poetry: The Metamorphoses of the Poetic Self
by Luke Ferretter