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Indiana University Northwest

Plath Profiles

Contents: Volume 2 - Summer 2009

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Front Matter
Cover, Table of Contents, etc.


Editor's Note
by W. K. Buckley


Sylvia Plath’s Vital Presence in Contemporary Irish Poetry
by Dr. Maria Johnston

“Gleaning the Unsaid Off the Palpable”: Seamus Heaney’s Response to Sylvia Plath
by Toni Saldivar

My Beautiful Fusion with the Things of the World
by Nephie Christodoulides

The Missing Sequel: Sylvia Plath and Psychiatry
by Brittney Moraski


Detail from "Mad Girl"
by Kristina Zimbakova, 2007.
Mixed media on canvas (acrylic, wax, fabric,
zip, fungi debris, leather), 108 x 49 cm.

Family Phantoms: Fish, Watery Realms, and Death in Virginia Woolf, Sylvia Plath and Ted Hughes
by Dianne M. Hunter

Medical Imagery in the Poetry of Sylvia Plath
by Ralph Didlake, M. D.

Sylvia Plath: Antigone of Our Times?
by Chetan Deshmane


Sylvia Plath
by Kim Bridgford

Walking in the Underworld
by Sheila Hamilton

Two Poems
by Christine Walde

Six Poems
by Teresa Laye

Three Poems
by Jim Long

Two Poems
by Jennifer Karmin

The Hunted
by Jennifer Yaros

Your Presence Confirmed
by Laurie Eckhout

American Engines
by W. K. Buckley


Lady Lazarus
by Smita Agarwal

El instante : The Moment
by Ana Osan

Student Poetry

Question on Poetic Arson
by Neil Newton

In Memoriam
by S. Kivrak

by Brittany Scott

Special Feature

These Ghostly Archives
by Gail Crowther and Peter K. Steinberg


Sylvia Plath’s Teaching Syllabus: A Chronology
by Amanda Golden

Sylvia Plath in 3-D: High School Students Analyze Plath
by Jennifer Yaros

A Note on Teaching Plath or Dickinson in High School
by J. L.


Mad Girl
by Kristina Zimbakova


Page from a Diary
by Smita Agarwal

Birthday Guy on Azalea Path
by George Fitzgerald

Lady Lazarus Wants a Room of Her Own: On Writing for Therapy
by Jamie E. Bourne


Reflections on “Mirror” and “Metaphors”
by Kerry Wood


Review of Bethany Hicok, Degrees of Freedom: American Women Poets and the Women’s College, 1905-1955
by Luke Ferretter

Review of Ellen Miller, Releasing Philosophy, Thinking Art: A Phenomenological Study of Sylvia Plath’s Poetry
by Luke Ferretter

Review of Catherine Bowman, The Plath Cabinet
by Kim Bridgford

Review of Poesía Completa by Sylvia Plath, translated by Xoan Abeleira

by Isabel Pérez Montalván

A Fine White Flying Myth of One’s Own: Sylvia Plath in Fiction – A Review Essay
by Luke Ferretter