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Plath Profiles

Responses to Volume 3 Supplement

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red line

I applaud David Trinidad's essay "Hidden in Plain Sight: On Sylvia Plath's Missing Journals." I have been mesmerised by the meticulousness and inquisitiveness, and I am now persuaded that the two Journals (the allegedly ‘lost’ and ‘destroyed’ ones) as well as the unfinished novel Doubletake will definitely surface one day. Perhaps in 2023, the specific year designated for opening the locked trunk from Hughes’ archive at Emory University.

The photographs of the envelopes formerly containing Plath’s sealed journals, in particular the close-up of the seal, from Peter Steinberg’s essay are intense embodiments of the allure of archives’ materiality. I see the envelope as an artwork in itself, the colours of the ribbon and the wax entirely Plathian and so symbolic. They resemble ‘the elusive rose’; allude to the ‘Cut’, the perpetual stain from "the blood jet" of her poetry....

Kristina Zimbakova, Macedonia
Posted: October 30, 2010