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Indiana University Northwest

Human Subjects Committee

Information and Policies

Pursuant to federal law and University policy, all research involving human subjects, conducted by IUN investigators, must be reviewed and approved by the IU Northwest Human Subjects Committee (HSC). These policies and procedures are designed to provide an efficient avenue for the processing of applications. The smooth flow of applications is the only way to ensure that each research protocol is provided the level of review it deserves. Cooperation by faculty, students and staff with the Committee is essential if we are to comply with federal and University regulations. The Committee recognizes that the federal regulations and our interpretations of the regulations can be daunting to an investigator on first encounter. The Committee will provide whatever assistance it can to investigators or departments to explain our procedures and to secure compliance with a minimum of delay or disruption of research. We welcome suggestions for improvement of the information. 

Feel free to send an e-mail message to the Human Subjects Committee .