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Indiana University Northwest

Human Subjects Committee


Health and Human Services Requirements

Effective 7/30/99 all studies that are being submitted to any Health and Human Services (HHS) agency for funding must submit the identical information to the Human Subjects Committee (HSC) as was submitted in the grant application. And, a copy of the grant application must be provided with the HSC application. If you are unsure as to whether an agency is part of HHS, please contact the office of the Human Subjects Committee at (219) 981-5646.

Electronic Submissions

To help speed up the review process researchers are asked to submit the initial application electronically to the Human Subjects Office for a preliminary review. The purpose of this pre-review is to ensure that the application contains all the information that is required by the regulations and needed by the committee for its official review. The administrator will highlight suggestions for any alterations that may be needed.   They will return the application to the researcher for approval of the changes.  After this pre-review process has been completed and authorized by the researcher, a hard copy of the application with original signatures is to be submitted to the office, Lindenwood, 326.

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