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Indiana University Northwest

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Northwest Indiana GIS Forum
Steering Committee Meeting
IU Northwest Library
March 8, 2001

Attendance: Alex daSilva, Kathy Luther, Kevin Miller, Cele Morris, Tim Sutherland

Scheduling of kick off event - Intro to Metadata

  • Possible dates: Thursday, June 14
  • 2nd Follow-up training session - July 12
Training sessions could be repeated as needed
As summer progresses chances of healthy turnout decreases

Instructor for initial kick off event and hands on training - Jill Saligoe-Simmel


Advertising of events - Contact Association of Cities and Towns to spread word Make announcements at local organizations meetings i.e. NIRPC Request that local organizations include an announcement of our events in their mailings

Check into the EPA grant to determine if we can purchase refreshments

Mailing List - The Data Center is in the process of creating a database of potential participants for the kick-off event. The database will include all NWIGIS members, participants in ArcView training sessions, previously identified contacts from federal, municipal and county government, plus additional individuals related to planning departments, public works, police departments, etc., environmental consulting firms, and the private sector. Event notices can be sent by email and mail.

A demo copy of metadata compilation software SMMS has been acquired by the Data Center. Cele reports that it appears much more user friendly than share ware she has worked with previously. A file saved in TKME was easily imported into SMMS. The purchase price of the software was quoted at $595.00 per copy includes a break due to our association with IUPUI. It appears that RTSe USA is not offering any additional price breaks. The group agreed that we should order the software in preparation for future metadata compilation.

The possibility of providing SMMS software to select organizations was discussed. It was determined that it might be in our best interest to not offer the software to anyone if we wish to ultimately obtain the metadata for Indiana Clearinghouse. We may have a better chance of getting the metadata if we create it ourselves.

Jill Saligoe-Simmel is scheduled to visit Cele on Thursday, March 22. At that time information regarding additional data files that we will create metadata for will be discussed. A priority will be placed on files that are relevant to Northwest Indiana.

Additional topics to be discussed with Jill:

  • Scheduling of our metadata events
  • Event equipment needs
  • Workshop materials - what she will provide/what we will need to have

Future Forum Informational Workshops:

  • Kevin volunteered for Digital Ortho Photography

It was suggested that the list of possible sessions be distributed to determine which topics are of most interest.

A list of scheduled workshops would be an nice handout at the metadata kickoff session.

Need to find out who can instruct particular sessions to schedule.