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Indiana University Northwest

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Minutes - Steering Committee

Northwest Indiana GIS Forum
Steering Committee Meeting Notes
Thursday, January 11, 2001
Meeting Location: Indiana University Northwest - Library

Members in attendance: Jon Kilpenin, Kevin Miller, Becky McKinley, Cele Morris, Tim Sutherland

FGDC Grant - Becky will contact Nina to determine the status of work in progress. Steps will be taken to finish uncompleted work. Cele will keep in touch to help wherever necessary.

EPA Grant - Attached outline to Steering Committee summarizing Grant activities. Steering Committee has no problems with proposed activities.

Due to problems with NIPC's staffing it may be advantageous to contract with Jill Saligoe-Simmel at INGISI for metadata workshops.

The State of Indiana is considering using SMMS (software) for compiling metadata. This commercial product produced by Enabling Technologies costs approximately $600.00. If it makes compiling metadata easier, we may want to use it.

We can't really use a commercial product for the workshops if we don't give it to the participants. Gear workshops to free shareware metadata compiling software.

Metadata Workshops:
Possible Participants - NIRPC has databases of elected officials and public works directors. Short announcements about out mission and future workshops could be made at various meetings (including NIRPC). Reggie Korthals (Bowden Quinn) would be a good person to contact about meetings were we can make such announcements. Press Release?

Jill S. needs to be contacted about when to do a workshop.

Location of workshops - Possibly NIRPC auditorium?

Kick-off meeting to stress the importance of metadata - ultimately producing an email list of interested participants Draft

Northwest Indiana GIS Forum
EPA Grant
Metadata Cataloguing Project

The Northwest Indiana Center for Data and Analysis at Indiana University Northwest will administer the Metadata Cataloguing Project for the Northwest Indiana GIS Forum. Tim Sutherland will act as the project Director.

The NWI GIS Forum Executive Committee will serve as the Advisory Committee for administration of the project.

A GIS Project Coordinator, located at the Data Center and supervised by Tim Sutherland, will spend 15 hours per week on the project.

Activities of the Grant Coordinator:

  1. Creation of a directory of NWI professionals who have an interest in GIS or are currently involved in GIS projects.
  2. Coordinate completion of INGISI - FGDC Grant with NIPC.
  3. Coordination of metadata training sessions including compilation of a list of potential participants, scheduling with NIPC, appropriate advertising, mailings, registration of participants, etc.
  4. Creation of a metadata workstation with appropriate software, supplies, and equipment.
  5. Production of minimally compliant metadata creation for training session datasets as well as additional datasets identified for cataloguing.
  6. Identification of additional datasets for metadata creation and cataloguing.
  7. Maintenance of a directory of metadata files created through the project.
  8. Maintenance and enhancement of the NWI GIS Forum website to include information related to the metadata training sessions such as a directory of participants and catalogue of metadata created.
  9. Provide metadata information and referral for individuals involved in the project.
  10. Oversee any internships for the project (summer 2001?).