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Indiana University Northwest

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Minutes - Steering Committee

Northwest Indiana GIS Forum Steering Committee - Meeting Notes
Thursday, October 12, 2000
Indiana University Northwest - Library

Meeting Notes

Members in Attendance: Kathy Luther, Kevin Miller, Becky McKinley, Kim Molchan, Cele Morris, Tim Sutherland

Things to do now that the EPA has awarded the data cataloging grant:

  • Contact Nina Savar and Sherrie Meyer at NIPC to schedule a metadata workshop in March
  • Determine who to invite

We need about 15 participants for metadata compilation
To meet the goals of the Northwest Indiana GIS Forum we should Focus on minimally compliant (sections 1 and 7) metadata
Possible participants will include data developers from Lake, Porter and LaPorte counties
We should include consultants and vendors
Past ArcView training session students should be approached
Include invitations to more than one individual per office
Do we need more than one letter to announce the workshop?
The Council of Communities in Porter County could be a good source of possible participants.
Contact Alex DiSilva for his database of municipal engineers for possible candidates
Lauren Rhine at NIRPC could provide a mailing list
Any non-profits - including Nature Conservancy
Possibility of Congressman Visclosky's Office issuing a press release about the EPA grant?

Workshop Ideas

  1. Finding, downloading, and importing DEM's into ArcView
  2. The basics of geocoding
  3. The basics of image rectification
  4. Finding, downloading, and importing TIGER (SDTS format) into ArcView
  5. Using TIGER line spatial data with US Census Bureau demographics
  6. Performing a polygon site selection (answer a question like where are the possible sites for a landfill or to locate an adult entertainment establishment)
  7. Finding, downloading, and implementing scripts and extensions in ArcView
  8. Understanding the Geodatabase (Arc/Info 8x, ArcView 8x)
  9. Digital ortho photography - what is it and what is it good for?
  10. Using GIS for Crime Analysis Cmap - Denver (NIJ)
  11. Integrating CAD and GIS
  12. Cadastral info (auditor/assessor)
  13. Redistricting
  14. How to read metadata
  15. What's online?
  16. GIS implemented online