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Indiana University Northwest

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Minutes - Steering Committee

Northwest Indiana GIS Forum Steering Committee - Meeting Notes
Wednesday May 17, 2000
Indiana University Northwest - Library

Meeting Notes

Members in Attendance: Alex da Silva, NWI Environmental Justice Resource Center; Dan Gossman, Lake County Surveyor's Office; Kathy Luther, IDEM; Becky McKinley, Hammond Sanitary District; Kevin Miller, IDEM; Kim Molchan, Lake County Surveyor's Office; Cele Morris, NWI Center for Data and Analysis; Tim Sutherland, NWI Center for Data and Analysis

ArcView training session scheduled for May 18-19 will probably be the last session for a while. Need for additional training will be assessed in summer or fall to determine if more session will be offered this year.

John Kilpinen of Valparaiso Univ. has suggested to Becky that the Forum include educational sessions during regular meetings for its members. Afternoon sessions could include topics of interest to our members. GIS problems faced by members could be examined and addressed by the group. Such sessions could provide the groundwork for technical support offered by "NWI GIS Resource Center."

IU Northwest Division of Business/SPEA GIS course is underway. Geosciences GIS course is scheduled for Summer II session.

University of Illinois at Champaign is offering two GIS workshops this summer. GIS Workshop for planners is June 7-9 - more information at the website. GIS Standards workshop scheduled at UIUC for August 1-4 - more information at the website.

No new info on US Steel funding for NWI GIS Resource Center.

Kathy Luther inquired about including ADID data on Lake Rim website. Kevin will talk with Roger K. about adding it to the site. Equipment could be housed at IU Northwest to provide hard copies of ADID maps to those without internet access.

IDEM has been approached by EPA Region 5 (Jane Radcliff) to host a Region 5 GIS Conference. Northwest Indiana would be the most logical site to locate the conference. GIS applications/case studies would probably be showcased. The Forum might be called into action to help plan the conference.

Tim and Cele attended a meeting of the Konomick Project concerning restoration of the Grand and Little Calumet Rivers. The Forum should stay involved with this project (possible metadata source). Promote the need for a digital end product to the Group.

Becky distributed a list of municipalities with associated information and requested that Forum Steering Committee members fill in any corresponding GIS contacts. She also asked that the list be updated to include not-for-profit (i.e. Save the Dunes, Grand Cal Task Force) organizations and state agencies (i.e. DNR, IDEM). Where possible, name, phone number and email would be helpful. The list will be used to send invitations to metadata workshop. Contacts should be someone who can represent their organization to the Forum.

Tim inquired about the EPA Grant Funding. Need to clarify budgetary information with Milo including how money can be distributed.

Forward any ideas regarding June 8th NWI GIS Forum meeting Agenda or possible workshop topics to Becky.

Becky reported on the GeoData Alliance (associated with NSDI) Group is in the planning stages - writing constitution - discussions included possible online GIS "Brokerage". More information about the GeoData Alliance can be found at the website. Next Steering Committee Meeting - June 8 after regular Forum meeting.