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Indiana University Northwest

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Joint Meeting of

Northwest GIS Forum and Northeast Indiana Geographic Information Council (NIGIC)

July 29, 2010

Plymouth, Indiana


Meeting called to order 10:11 (ET) am by Brad Stump/Becky McKinley

1) Greetings and Intros

2) NW IN GIS Forum business

a. ArcGIS training for 9.3; class is almost full. May have a few spots open still.

b. IU NW/Library usually posts meeting minutes on their website. Recent network updates have delayed last meeting notes being posted. All will be cleared up soon and they will be posted for review.

3) NIGIC Business

 a. Brad reminded that elections are coming up. Please start thinking about who you want to recommend for the seats.

 4) ESRI Conference update and ArcGIS 10 – Anna Sokol, ESRI

a. ESRI User Conference points

b. ArcGIS 10 Info:

i. Anna can provide a pdf to be posted with meeting notes for reference.

ii. Don’t forget to check into templates available on ESRI’s Resources site.

iii. Microsoft does not support VBA any longer. The VBA environment will not be available as of ArcGIS 10. Python will be primary scripting tool.

iv. If you are interested in ESRI hosting your map data on their server, please give them a call.

v. Bill suggested that ESRI hold a Tech demo in the Northern part of Indiana. Anna will be in touch after the Indy one is scheduled to discuss possible date.

vi. The “What to expect in ArcGIS 10” video that is located on the ESRI site was suggested to everyone to view. It is available to everyone along with other videos located on their site that may be helpful.

vii. ArcGIS 10 Roll Out Seminar will be scheduled in the September/October timeframe. Check ESRI website for date.

5) Statewide Ortho Project: Jim Sparks

a. Currently underway reviewing the proposals for the next Ortho statewide


b. There are several options that the State is getting prices for along with the Orthos.

c. Buy-ups will be offered to cities/towns and not just counties

d. Flights should begin in the 2011 spring flying season, and continue in Spring 2012 and 2013.

e. Local money being brought in would help State Legislators see that this should be a PROGRAM and not a project.

f. Collaborations between cities, counties and other entities for common interests have been talked about before and was brought back up. The need for collaboration that others can take back to the local commissioners and councils and possibly touch on budgets in the future. A partnership needs to be set up and shown to local commissioners and councils showing that the State will be adding to the funds and not just the counties/cities setting up funding and not knowing that the State will follow through with the programs/projects.

i. Jim suggested that opportunities exist on boards of IGIC to voice opinions.

ii. Jim also stated that he would be willing to come and speak with the commissioners and council.

iii. It was questioned if Jim was making presentations to Association of Indiana

Counties (AIC) Dave Estes stated that he has not seen any effort by the State on making any collaboration progress with any county. A plan needs to be put in place creating the relationship. Jim disagrees. He states that participation needs to take place on committees that exist that will help you (your county) make your voice heard.

6) IGIC Update: Phil Worrall

a. Funding GIS for Indiana

i. Most funding is from soft money or grants. They are looking into other options.

ii. He requests input in the IGIC Funding Committee

iii. Phil will work with anyone that wants to pursue any Federal Grants available.

b. Committees and Workgroups – 19 Committees and Workgroups

i. 19 committees and workgroups exist

ii. Based on framework data layers or information supporting GIS

c. IGIC Local Government Coordinators Forum Friday Sept 24th in Indy. Open to everyone.

d. Phil stated that IGIC will be attending the AIC conference. They submitted an abstract for a seminar, but were not chosen.

e. Presentations that are given to AIC or Indiana Association of Cities and Towns (IACT) will be posted on IGIC’s Legislation page

7) Promoting regional user groups throughout the state

a. The NW Forum and NIGIC are the only two regional GIS user groups in the State

b. IGIC would like to see more user regional user groups. Phil is willing to help support the formation of other regional groups through IGIC

c. It was suggested that maybe at next year’s IGIC annual conference we should hold a general discussion on the benefits of the User Groups with NW IN and NIGIC members helping lead the discussion then break into regional discussion groups in the session immediately following.

d. Local groups need to be formed/operated at the local grass-roots level but maybe IGIC can help identify and support a local champion to form groups in other regions of the State.

e. Phil requested that a template be established by the two groups that can be shared with other GIS users to possibly start their own group. Phil suggested that at this year’s Local Government Forum of taking 5 minutes to share the information with others.

8) Discussion of and between the two groups

a. How and why they were formed

i. NW was formed in 1997

1. Informal; no charter, agendas. Just appreciated getting together to see what others are doing.

2. Roughly 300 members receiving emails

3. Includes Universities and students

4. Organizes training sessions at time

ii. NIGIC was formed in 2008

1. Established a charter in late 2008

2. Has officers

3. Provides information and applications to others within group along with solutions to existing problems that others may encounter.

4. Future plans of further engaging utilities and students/universities

5. Future plans of training made available to members

b. Are there advantages of regional user groups

i. Support for applications or solutions of problems someone has run across before

ii. Getting ideas of what other entities are working on

iii. Getting the ball rolling to possibly voice our thoughts to the state or larger entities

c. What opportunities are there for interaction between the groups?

i. Yearly meetings

ii. Establishing the networking of people accessible by email or phone

9) General Q’s and A’s:

a. What is the fee for IGIC?

i. IGIC Membership is $90/year and the membership also counts as part of the GISP qualifications.

b. It was questioned on how we can create dialog between NIGIC or NW GIS Forum and IGIC.

i. Phil Worrall is going to bring this up at the next board meeting and find out how to establish and finalize this.

c. IGIC is looking at creating blog/message board’s areas for postings to be available for others to read and respond to.

d. Phil stated that IGIC now has an Adobe connect that can be used at any time for any amount of time. This was brought up due to not all members can attend every meeting due to work load.

Meeting closed 1:27 pm