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Indiana University Northwest

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Northwest Indiana GIS Forum
Meeting Notes
Thursday, July 28, 2006
Meeting Location: Indiana University Northwest

Members in Attendance: Martin J. Brown, Gary Sanitary District/GSWMD; Joe Butler, IUN Student; Eman Ibrahim, NIRPC; Becky McKinley, Hammond Sanitary District;  Kevin Miller, Indiana Department of Environmental Management; Cele Morris, IUN/NWI Center for Data & Analysis; Richard Morrisroe, City of East Chicago; Dan Niksch, City of Crown Point Engineering;  Lauren Rhein, NIRPC; Anthony Walker, Gary Sanitary District/GSWMD; Gregory White, Lake County Surveyor's Office

Local Implementation

Becky McKinley intends to create an image library for the 2005 orthophotography for the City of Hammond.  She has loaded the Mr. Sid orthophoto for Lake County on her laptop for presentation purposes.  The orthos are also being used to update existing city project maps.  Future plans include using the new photography to update municipal planimetric data.  Potential uses exist for investigation and analysis of city housing stock by the Mayor's Housing Task Force .

Kevin Miller with IDEM is currently working on the Grand Calument Feasibility Study with Army Corps of Engineers.  A draft study was recently submitted to Washington.  The Army Corps is presently conducting field work for the project.  This project is related to restoration along 12 miles of the nonfederal portions of the Grand Calumet River and Indiana Harbor Ship canal.   Funding for two years has been secured to update of the Lake Rim GIS interactive mapping website maintained by the Indiana Geological Survey.  Bernie Engle at Purdue University will be developing some new analysis tools for the site.  Kevin is working with ESRI in hopes of including some of their demographic and economic development data for the three county region on the site. 

The City of Crown Point is using the new orthophotos to update subdivision, centerline and street  maps.  Schneider Corp. continues to convert AutoCAD data for their GIS. 

Lake County has been distributing the new county orthophotos by request.  Demand for the photography has been steady.  Requestors furnish a hard drive for overnight download.  A small maintenance fee of $50.00 is charged for the service.  The county is using the orthos to update their centerline data for  Emergency Management Services.  Hobart and Lake Station parcel data has been received and is presently going through quality control procedures.  Parcel data for Hammond, East Chicago and Whiting is expected sometime next year.

The Data Center at IUN has been involved in two GIS projects this summer.  Both involve providing geocoding services for faculty research projects.  Introduction to Computer Methods in Geography is on the 2006 all schedule of  classes.  At present five students are enrolled.  Additional enrollment will be necessary for the class to carry.  A three class intro to GIS has been scheduled for later this fall through the Division of Continuing Education.  Cele will lead a half day workshop for the Save the Dunes Indiana Coastal Restoration Action Team (ICRAT) program on August 25.  Topics related to wetlands and GIS will be highlighted.  The GIS lab will be rebuilt for the fall semester.  Plans nclude AccuGlobe and Google Earth installation on the computers.

The Northwestern Indiana Regional Planning Commission (NIRPC) has completed implementation to ArcGIS 9.1 including necessary hardware upgrades.    The 2005 orthophotos for Lake, Porter and LaPorte counties (Mr. Sid county mosaics) were downloaded and are available on CD's to other organizations  through NIRPC.  A draft map was created for the Greenways/Blueways project overlaying trail locations on the new photography.  The orthos will be helpful to designate areas of interest along the Little Calumet River.  NIRPC will be updating their website soon and will also continue to publish their electronic newsletter.  Work will start soon on the 20/40 Transportation Plan that will include GIS  for transportation, planning and zoning analysis.

The City of Gary is currently very involved with Storm Water Management issues.  Summer interns have been capturing locations of catch basins with GPS equipment.

NWI GIS Forum Activities


Becky plans to provide an ArcGIS 9.1 training session sometime early this fall.  Contact Becky for additional information.   Due to the popularity of this training, a waiting list has been started from those not able to participate in the last session.   Be sure to contact Becky Becky McKinley to express interest in participating in any upcoming sessions.


Meeting notes will continue to be posted to the  NWI GIS Forum website as soon as possible after meetings (click on Minutes).  Resource links were recently checked and updated/removed where necessary.  Please contact Cele Morris with any comments or input on the website.

The Data Center at IU Northwest has received an extension from the Federal Geographic Data Committee to continue using up their funding to support metadata outreach and training in Northwest Indiana.  Cele participated in the IGIC Road Shows this spring and summer by introducing the Online Metadata Tool through presentations around the state as part of the activities associated with this grant.


IGIC has changed to a fee based membership organization.  The fees will be used to support overhead.  Legislators had suggested that a fee based membership organization would increase credibility for IGIC.  Members will now participate in the election process for the organization. Information about membership fees can be found at: http://www.in.gov/ingisi/member/membership.html  A free annual membership is currently being offered with registration to the Annual State GIS conference.

Other Business

Indiana University Information Technology Services (UITS) has partnered with the Indiana Geologic Information Council to host an enterprise geodatabase service for the Statewide Digital Orthophotography Program.  Be sure to periodically check the progress the the program by visiting the Indiana Spatial Data Service.

Members in attendance discussed how they might celebrate GIS Day this year on November 15.  Members were encouraged to arrange presentation for schools or other organizations that would benefit from learning about GIS.

Next Meeting:  Thursday, December 7, 2006 , Indiana University Northwest, Library Room 110,  Floor 9:00 11:00 am - Possible presentation on use of 2006 Infrared aerial photography.

Some useful links:

Digital Data Technologies (DDTI) (for download of free AccuGlobe 2007 software)  http://ddti.net/

Indiana Spatial Data Portal (for 2005 aerial photography download)  http://www.indiana.edu/~gisdata/05orthos.html

Online Metadata Tool

POLIS Center Emergency Management Seminars: http://www.in.gov/dhs/

National Map