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Indiana University Northwest

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Northwest Indiana GIS Forum
Meeting Notes
Thursday, June 2, 2005
Meeting Location: Northwest Indiana Regional Planning Commission

Members in Attendance: Hector Arroyo, Griffith Police Department; Darrell Crowell, Town of Schererville; Cornelius Davis, NIRPC; Wade Dillon, Lake County Surveyor’s Office; Rick Hammond, Woolpert; Alyson Keaton, USDA- NRCS; Steve Manich, City of Whiting; Becky McKinley, Hammond Sanitary District; Kevin Miller, Indiana Department of Environmental Management; Cele Morris, IUN/NWI Center for Data and Analysis; George Olmsted, IUN; Lauren Rhein, NIRPC; Raymond Riddell, Porter County; David Schelling, Porter County; Tim Sutherland, IUN/NWI Center for Data and Analysis; John Tolekis, City of Whiting

Abbreviated regular meeting due to presentation by Woolpert – Technicalities involved with integrating CAD and GIS

Local Implementation

City of Hammond is currently using GIS for demographic analysis to include with grant proposals. Becky has been working with Kevin Miller to obtain spatial data along the Grand Calumet River.

Kevin Miller with IDEM is currently working on a Grand Calument Feasibility Study with Army Corps of Engineers related to restoration along the Grand Calumet River. Data is being compiled and categorized in a GIS database. He is also merging layers to create statewide layers. He expects that the database may be complete in 18 - 24 months The project will then be forwarded to the federal level for additional monetary support.

NIRPC has completed the Connections 20/30 transportation plan. Demographic and transportation data have been used to create maps for the plan. They continue to organize their spatial data files. The Online Metadata Tool will be used to document the spatial dataset that they have created. Personnel recently attended a 2005 Census transportation package workshop. They will create a presentation of the package for those interested in work flow data in Northwest Indiana.

Working closely with the Lake County Surveyor’s Office, the Lake County Indiana Sheriff’s Department rolled out Orion Map GIS for their 911 system. The product has been released to the local 911 community. Datasets will be updated regularly.

NWI GIS Forum Activities

Metadata Tool

The Indiana Geological Survey continues to make minor improvements to the Online Metadata Tool. Examples of metadata in text format can now be viewed on the site. They expect final approval in July.


Becky has held two rounds of ArcGIS 9.0 training sessions this year in the IUN GIS lab. IDEM contributed the training materials. Additional training sessions may be offered this Fall. Contact Becky McKinley to express interest in participating in any upcoming sessions.


Meeting notes will be posted to the NWI GIS Forum website as soon as possible after meetings. (click on Minutes)

ESRI Midwest Regional Users Group Conference

The ESRI Midwest Regional Users Group conference will be held this fall in Bloomington. The Indiana Geological Survey will co-host this activity. For more information about the conference check their website.


2005 Orthophotography Project update – All of the aerial photography for the state was flown this spring. Information related to deliverables can be found on the INGISI website. Visit the following website regularly to keep track of program updates

Information regarding photo processing is available on the EarthData Project Tracker website.     Username: indiana1     -     Password: hoosier

Other Business

A statewide economic development website is being developed and is sponsored by the Indiana Department of Commerce with input from economic development personnel from utilities NIPSCO and Cinergy. Local planning departments have been contacted to provide available site information. A GIS component to the site reminiscent of Map Quest is being planned for the site. It will be up to local entities to add any detail to the site that they would like. Local planners should be aware of this project. The site is currently being tested. Becky will forward a URL when it becomes available.

Next Meeting: Thursday, August 25, 2005, Indiana University Northwest, Gary, IN, Library - 2nd Floor, across from the GIS Lab – 9:00 –11:00 am