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Indiana University Northwest

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Northwest Indiana GIS Forum
Meeting Notes
Thursday, May 20, 2004
Meeting Location: Indiana University Northwest

Members in Attendance: Cornelius Davis; Kim Holmquist, School City of Hammond; Todd Kesselring, Elkhart County; Becky McKinley, Hammond Sanitary District; Sergio Mendoza, City of Hobart; Kevin Miller, IDEM; Cele Morris, IU Northwest/NWI Center for Data and Analysis; George Olmsted, IU Northwest; Bryon Reed, City of Hobart; Lauren Rhein, NIRPC; Dan Rieden, Lake County Parks Dept.; Tim Sutherland, IU Northwest/NWI Center for Data and Analysis; Dwayne Williams, Chesterton.

Statewide – homeland security - orthophotography project
Information about the statewide orthophotography project to be funded with homeland security grant money can be found on the INGISI web site. Information listed on the fact sheet for “buy up” to higher resolution photography is incorrect. Contact Becky McKinley (219-853-6413 x 516, McKinleyB@hmdin.com) for the correct equation necessary to calculate the amount of money necessary for “buy up”. Lake, Porter, LaPorte, St. Joseph, and Elkhart Counties will receive funding for one-foot resolution photography based on their populations. A second round of Homeland Security funding will be available later this year. It is unknown if those dollars can be used to “buy up” to 6” resolution photography.

Woolpert will give a presentation at our July 22, meeting (to be held at NIRPC) to acquaint both beginners and more advanced GIS users on issues related to orthophotography.

The state orthophotography group is currently writing specifications for the contract with possible vendors for the project. Two contracts are being prepared, one for project management, the other for QA/QC. Vendor selection is expected this summer with a contract signed by the first of November. Each county has been assigned a coordinator. The INGISI website will include project updates on its website as they become available. Becky is interested in forming a local government workgroup to discuss project options for the region. It is important for organizations having a stake in this project be kept appraised of situations that may arise.

Local Implementation
Hammond has purchased ArcPublisher and Arc Reader to create and view documents at a kiosk by patrons of the Zoning Department. Implementation is tentatively set by mid-summer. ArcGIS 9.0 has been delivered and installation will take place soon.

PlanGraphics has issued a press release on the status of the City of Gary enterprise GIS. Rollout is scheduled for October, 2004.

This spring, the Town of Chesterton council approved the first phase of a new aerial survey for their GIS.

NIRPC continues work on their Connections 20-30 regional transportation plan. July is the target for a completed plan. Funding for regional transportation projects depend on a completed plan by July. GIS layouts have been created using Census 2000 data for a baseline and 2030 projections.

IDEM has the services of a very experienced intern this summer. They will be reconstructing their ArcView projects to ArcGIS.

At IU Northwest, the Northwest Indiana Center for Data & Analysis is part of committee formed by the Lake County Integrated Service Board to create a list of contacts who have expertise in different types of data.

Hobart is working with Lake County as they begin the process of creating a GIS. They have retained an intern for the summer to help work with their database. Work on color coding their zoning map is in process.

The School City of Hammond continues to use GIS for school district boundary changes and student data.

Lake County Parks Department has been busy gearing up for summer activities at their parks. They now have access to County digital data. They are reinforcing their hardware to run available software. ArcGIS 9.0 has been delivered. The formation of a GIS committee is hoped to energize their implementation. One application for their department could be the creation of accurate park maps. They have the services of an intern for the summer.

Elkhart County now has 1998 and 2002 aerial photography and is looking forward to the new orthos scheduled for spring 2005 through the homeland security grant money. They are currently talking with consultants to develop a process for creating a geodatabase in an effort to keep their data current. Work is underway to rectify AutoCAD data in the County Auditor’s Office. Zoning maps are also being scanned and rectified.

There will be a public meeting of the Indiana GIS Initiative on Thursday, June 17, 2004, from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. The meeting will be held at the Lilly Auditorium at the University Library on the IUPUI campus.

The Local Data Sharing Committee is creating a data dissemination policy for use between government agencies with emergency response activities in mind. Any community with a data sharing policy already in place is requested to send it to the committee so that they may include the information in the statewide version. The policy may include instructions about sharing data to the Indiana Map Data Clearinghouse.

The Education Committee is responsible for updates to the INGISI website.

Read about the most recent activities of INGISI at the following location.

If you would like to participate in any INGISI committees contact Becky, 219-853-6413 x 516, McKinleyB@hmdin.com.

Training & Workshops
There are no training sessions planned in the near future. If interested in future training, Contact Becky: 219-853-6413 x 516, McKinleyB@hmdin.com.

The Polis Center offers low cost and free of charge workshops on various GIS related topics. Though these workshops have always been conducted in Indianapolis and Bloomington, discussions are underway to possibly bring some of them to Northwest Indiana. More information will be available in the near future.

Geography Educators' Network of Indiana, Inc. (GENI) is presently talking with Becky to hold a workshop for K-12 educators the in Northwest Indiana the Tuesday before GIS Day.

Funding Committee
Since the currently running EPA Grant (metadata cataloging) is winding down at the end of July, the funding committee has been investigating other funding possiblities. Two grant proposals will be submitted to the Federal Geographic Data Committee before the deadline of June 4, 2004. The proposals will be submitted to the FGDC for Category 2 (Metadata Trainer and Outreach Assistance) and a Category 3 (Institution Building and Coordination). Additional funding possibilities are being researched for future proposals. Thanks go out to our members for their letters of support that will be included with the proposals.

Meeting notes will be posted to the NWI GIS Forum website as soon as possible after meetings.

EPA Grant Status
Using money from the EPA grant, the NWI GIS Forum and the Indiana Geological Survey are working in collaboration to create an online metadata tool. A working model of the tool should be completed by July 31, and beta testing could be initiated late this summer or fall.

Additional metadata files are expected prior to the end of the grant.

Work will begin on a final report to the EPA.

Economic Development Subcommittee Report

  1. Preliminary talks are underway to collaborate in a grant received by Illinois Institute of Technology related to GPS hot spots. The deliverable is a GPS course that can be taught nationwide.
  2. The North Atlantic Economic Development Council conference will be held October 7-10 in Chicago. The conference will include a session on GIS and economic development. There is presently a call for abstracts for papers to be delivered at the conference. Contact Roy Evans for information about theconference and abstract submission: ph: 989-2636 email: evans@calumet.purdue.edu
  3. NIRPC and Purdue University Calumet School of Science, Mathematics, and Engineering, with support from the US EPA, will sponsor the following hands on workshop on May 25 and 26 at Purdue Cal.: GIS Tools and Community Watershed Planning.
  4. Monies have been designated for use in the development of the Marquette Greenway. Congressman Peter Visklosky is very enthusiastic about this project. The project is envisioned to eventually turn 75% of the lakefront into public use land connecting Chicago and Michigan City. The request for proposals includes a heavy GIS component. Local GIS professionals should be brought together to discuss how they can help in this venture.

Other Business
Next Meeting – Thursday, July 22, at 9:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m., Northwest Indiana Regional Planning Commission (NIRPC)

Forum/IGS Metadata Comilation Tool – An online metadata tool is being created by the Indiana Geological Survey with NWI GIS Forum EPA grant funds. The form will be modeled after INGISI’s Indiana Profile and will supply users with a text file end product that can be imported to ArcCatalog, etc. and published to the Indiana Map Data Clearinghouse.