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Indiana University Northwest

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Northwest Indiana GIS Forum
Meeting Notes
Thursday, June 21, 2001
Meeting Location: Indiana University Northwest - Library

Members in Attendance: Calvin Andrews, White River Environmental Partnership; Ivan Gregory, City of Gary Planning; Kathryn Jackson, White River Environmental Partnership; Kathy Luther, IDEM; Becky McKinley, Hammond Sanitary District; Kevin Miller, IDEM; Cecile Morris, IU Northwest/NWI Center for Data and Analysis; Lauren Rhein, NIRPC; Caroline Roberts, City of South Bend; Robert Strimbu, City of Gary Planning Dept.;Tim Sutherland, IU Northwest/NWI Center for Data and Analysis; C. Williams, White River Environmental Partnership

Introductions and updates on Local GIS Projects.

Hammond has contracted with an outside firm for compilation of a water atlas. This project is currently in the quality control phase. A server dedicated to GIS is in the process of set-up. Update of current software may occur if demand for GIS products increases.

South Bend is working jointly with St. Joseph County on GIS. Digital orthophotos have been delivered on CD. A server has been acquired. Meetings are underway with the Streets Department to develop a GIS on alleys.

The Gary Planning Department is in the process of linking attributes to the City's basemap. Clean-up of files continues. Lake County has been linked up. They are currently working with the Indiana Water/Gary Sanitary District. A search for funding to create a GIS Department has begun.

NIRPC is sorting through the Census 2000 data being released. All 100% data is currently available on the Census Bureau's Website. They intend to set up the geography for the region and then bring in the data.

White River Environmental Partnership, contract operator for the Gary Sanitary District will create a manhole GIS. They will eventually do sewer modeling.

IU Northwest is working with NIPSCO and NIRPC on an Environmental Justice project dealing with transportation impacts. Minority and low income communities will be studied to see if transportation needs are being served are detrimental to the community.

IDEM has employed an intern this summer that is working on their GIS. The Great Lakes Commission has a grant to develop a GIS habitat atlas covering the Great Lakes watershed. The EPA will be holding a public meeting soon to collect input on what the public would find helpful for using such an atlas.

Indiana GIS Initiative
An annual GIS conference is being planned for next February. The 2-day Conference will be held on the north side of Indianapolis. Additional information will be made available on the above website. See the website for announcement of the next INGISI meeting scheduled for July. Any parties interested in the statewide GIS effort are invited to attend. The group is currently searching for financial resources to enable them to gain independence from the POLIS Center. State framework data is being identified based on the FGDC recommendation that includes seven categories. (See INGISI website) The State Standards & Recommendation Committee is working with a data catalogue developed by the I-Team from Utah to determine what constitutes "Framework Data".

Training - No training is presently scheduled. A workshop outlining how the 2000 Census data can be utilized for GIS would be a timely topic. Appropriate. parties who could lead a Census data workshop such as Lauren Rhein at NIRPC and J. Kilpinen at Valpo U will be approached for their ideas and hopefully a workshop can be arranged before the next regular Forum meeting.

FGDC Grant - NIPC has delivered 33 metadata records for Hammond, East Chicago and Munster. All records can be accessed through the searchable Indiana Catalog at IUPUI. The IU Northwest Data Center will keep a title list of all these records as well as all future metadata created via the NWI GIS Forum.

EPA Grant - 30 individuals attended the June 14, 2001 Metadata Kickoff Workshop held at NIRPC. All those that attended will be contacted and encouraged to attend the July 13 follow-up workshop being held at IU Northwest. Those present at the workshop will be asked to complete the Indiana Profile to create a metadata record for each layer of their data. Our efforts to encourage their participation in metadata creation will not end on July 13 - we will follow-up on our workshop participants to support their metadata completion.

State Data Files - 26 data files have been identified for metadata creation under the EPA Grant. Appropriate contacts have been suggested and initial data has been input into the SMMS for each file. Information included in the Indiana Profile will be requested from the contacts in the near future so that the metadata records can be completed.

Other Business -
ArcGIS - This is a totally different product from ArcView 3.2. Becky has recently completed training for ArcView 8 and will proceed with certification.

Next Meeting: 9:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m., September 20 - NIRPC.