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Indiana University Northwest

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Northwest Indiana GIS Forum
Meeting Notes
Thursday, April 12, 2001
Meeting Location: Indiana University Northwest

Members in Attendance: Asinia Best, City of Gary; Alex da Silva, IDEM; Ivan Gregory, City of Gary Planning Dept.; Becky McKinley, Hammond Sanitary District; Kevin Miller, IDEM; Kathi Mohlke, DLZ of Indiana; Cele Morris, IU Northwest; Lauren Rhein, NIRPC; Caroline Roberts, City of South Bend; Robert Strimbu, City of Gary Planning Dept.; Tim Sutherland, IU Northwest; Dennis Tumberg, SHE

Introductions and comments on last meeting notes.

Indiana GIS Initiative - The next quarterly meeting of INGISI will be held Thursday, April 19, 2001, 9:30-11:30 at the Hamilton County Courthouse in Noblesville. A meeting of the INGISI Council will follow in the afternoon. All parties interested in Indiana GIS are welcome. Contact Becky McKinley for more information (219-853-6413 x 516). The meeting format is expected to change this session and will include multiple user demonstrations along with issues relevant to the group. Adoption of the Indiana Metadata Profile is slated for approval. This group continues to identify state agencies' framework datasets for eventual metadata compilation. More information about INGISI can be found at their website.

Local Implementation - South Bend presently has a GIS pilot area functional. They are looking for their final planemetrics in June. GRW has started their cadastral work.

Gary - Basemaps have been delivered. They are in the process of linking up attributes. Gary is working with the Lake County Surveyor to set up a "real-time" link with the County Assessor's Office. They continue to clean up their database.

St. John and Dyer continue fine tuning their GIS.

NIRPC is presently working with Census 2000 data. They have TIGER/line files with limited data for Lake, Porter and LaPorte counties at this point. They will be looking at traffic analysis zones and will be doing some GIS work with trails in the area.

TIGER/Line 2000 files by county (free shapefiles are available for download at the ESRI website under the geography network link. Census redistricting files are available at the Census website. A workshop dealing with manipulation of Census 2000 data could be a good choice in the near future.

IU Northwest - George Olmsted is working with some Glen Park GIS data from the City of Gary for a community development project to look at what IU Northwest can do regarding education in the target area.

Education - John Kilpinen presented the NWI GIS Forum's first workshop "Using Digital Elevation Models with ArcView" at Valpo Univ. on March 1. Approximately 10 members attended. Additional workshops will be scheduled in the near future. No new ArcView training sessions will be scheduled until late summer or fall. IDEM has been sponsoring the sessions and is currently reviewing this partnership program. It could be helpful for the NWI IDEM office to contact Indianapolis to encourage continuation of this program.

Web Page - IU Northwest's Data Center is in the process of getting control of the Forum's web page so that updates can be made directly through their office and not the library webmaster. Their intention is to have the pages updated prior to the GIS Forum's upcoming metadata events.

FGDC Grant - As of April 2, 2001, NIPC has hired a new metadata specialist. Work has resumed on the FGDC Grant metadata creation for Hammond, East Chicago and Munster data sets. Becky has been receiving frequent status reports from Nina. She's also had questions about the data from the new specialist. It is anticipated that the metadata will be posted on the Indiana Clearinghouse Node by mid May. Since the GIS specialist in East Chicago has been reassigned, it is expected that the metadata for that community will be FGDC minimally compliant while Hammond and Munster metadata will be fully compliant.

Steering Committee - EPA Grant Update - The Metadata kickoff Event has been tentatively scheduled for June 14, 2001, 9:00 - 12:30. NIRPC will be approached for use of their auditorium facilities. This event will focus on why metadata is important t rather than its technical aspects. Invitations will be offered to all members of the Forum, past ArcView training participants as well as local and regional government personnel who might be creating data now or in the future. A second metadata workshop will be tentatively scheduled at IU Northwest for July 13. Participants from the first event will be invited to create their own metadata for posting in the Indiana Clearinghouse Node. The second presentation will focus on completing metadata using the Indiana Profile. Jill Saligoe-Simmel of the POLIS Center is scheduled to lead both metadata presentations.

SMMS Spatial Metadata Management System software has been purchased under the EPA grant. Data sets from the Lake Rim website have been targeted for metadata creation. The Data Center at IU Northwest will undertake compilation of the metadata for these files using SMMS. Approximately 70 additional state data sets exist for metadata creation. At this time we will keep the door open to help with this project, but presently we will keep our project limited to Northwest Indiana data sets.

Next meeting: Thursday May 31, 2001 - 9:00 - 11:00 - Indiana University Northwest - Library Conference Center 105C.