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Indiana University Northwest

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Northwest Indiana GIS Forum
Meeting Notes
Thursday, January 11, 2001
Meeting Location: Indiana University Northwest - Library

Members in Attendance: Mary Carson, US Army Corps of Engineerrs;Alex DaSilva, IDEM; Liz Greenwald, Children & Mental Health Initiative; Jon Kilpinen, Valparaiso Univ.; Becky McKinley, Hammond Sanitary District; Kevin Miller, IDEM; Kathy Mohlke, DLZ of Indiana; Cecile Morris, IU Northwest/NWI Center for Data and Analysis; George Olmsted, GIS Contractor; Mary Beth Qvyjt, US Army Corps of Engineers; Theresa Rodriguiez, Children & Mental Health Initiative; Robert Strimbu, City of Gary Planning Dept.;Tim Sutherland, IU Northwest/NWI Center for Data and Analysis; Dennis Tumberg, SEH

Introductions and comments on last meetings notes.

It was brought to the attention of those in attendance that websites for additional GIS educational programs were included in the notes for last meeting (October 12, 2000). Jon Kilpinen advised that another good online education and training website is the ESRI Virtual Campus. GIS application courses using ArcView software include topics such as hydrology, conservation, how to use census information, successful marketing using GIS, and mapping for health care professionals. A complete listing of courses available and details about costs and how to register are listed on the website.

Indiana GIS Initiative -

The next meeting of INGISI will be held Friday, January 19, 2001, at 10:00 am, in Franklin, Indiana. There will be an afternoon meeting of the Indiana GIS Council. Business to be covered will probably include approaching the legislature for continued funding.

Becky McKinley is Chair of the Networking Subcommittee. Her group is working on a directory of GIS professionals in Indiana. The first step is to include all Council members. Plans for the directory include a web-based list of professionals that can accommodate online additions and edits

Interested parties are urged to attend the next meeting on January 19th. Contact Becky McKinley for further information. The INGISI website can also be accessed for further information.

Local GIS Projects -

Mary Beth Qvyjt reports that the US Army Corps of Engineers is currently working on a feasibility study for the entire Kankakee River basin. The study will focus on environmental restoration of wetlands and flood control in upland areas. GIS will be used to single out areas for wetlands restoration. Data being collected for the project includes topographic, aerial photos, and limited soil coverage. USACE is working with US Fish and Wildlife in relation to the wetlands restoration. Upland areas are currently being identified. A report is expected by late spring. The possibility exists that this data will be made available on the Army Corps website in the future. Call Mary Beth (312) 6400 x 2016, for any questions about coverages or possible data sharing. The data from ADID project is expected to be available through the LakeRim website soon. An announcement will be made to the NWI GIS Forum when the data is available on the LakeRim site.

Kathi Mohlke from DLZ reported that work with St. John's GIS project continues. Town and utility boundaries will be extended. DLZ is also working with Allen County to update their GIS. Kathi also reported that the GIS group in Porter County (Council of Communities) is trying to find funds to build a GIS

Liz Greenwald with the Children and Mental Health Initiative is interested in GIS for social services. She related what a great challenge it is to gather data from numerous agencies. Kevin Miller added that the SAVI program through the POLIS Center at IUPUI combines social services and GIS and suggested she investigate their website at http://atlas.ulib.iupui.edu/savi/

Jon Kilpinen from the Geography Department at Valparaiso University stated that GIS students at VU would be great for internship programs. The USACE will look into their internship program for possible placements.

Dennis Tumberg of SEH reports that parcel mapping in Dyer is in the final stages. Sanitary and water GIS is also being completed.

Kevin Miller announced that IDEM's Confined Feeding Database (associated with the agricultural division) has used DOQQ's to locate addresses of facilities.

Edgewood High School in Monroe County has received an ESRI grant to offer a GIS course. Goshen College has received a grant from Lilly to provide GIS education and GPS units for a K-12 environmental program.

Roger Koelpin, formerly with IDEM has been appointed State GIS Coordinator. His job will be to advocate collaborative GIS at the state level.

Tim Sutherland informed the group that IU Northwest's work with the NWI GIS Forum relates well to its Shared Vision Project. Shared Vision encourages coordination, collaboration and cooperation between IU Northwest and other community projects.

SEH is working on centerline files with the Lake County Sheriff's Office. Wayne Becker wondered if anyone was aware of a process for cleaning up TIGER/Line data.

Becky McKinley shared that Hammond will have a complete water map of the city by mid March. Parcel conversion into AutoCad is progressing.

Training -

The Polis Center at IUPUI has begun offering seminars on specific GIS issues. More information can be found at their website.

Plans for a local workshop on how to retrieve and use digital elevation models using Spatial Analyst to be held at the Valparaiso University GIS lab are firming up. John Kilpinen will lead the hands-on workshop. A tentative date for the morning workshop will be Tuesday, February 27. An announcement requesting registrations will be sent to GIS Forum members when arrangements are finalized.

An intro to ArcView 3.2 training session will be scheduled for Thursday and Friday, March 22, 23, 2001 at the IU Northwest GIS lab.

Web Page -

There has been a delay in updating the Forum's website. Additional links and meeting notes have been given to the webmaster to update the site. Also included is an updated member list. A ListServe can be added to the website. Cele Morris requested a computer file of Forum member email addresses so that invitations to join the ListServe can be sent when it's online.

Funding -

There has been a delay in the completion of the FGDC grant that includes writing metadata for 33 Northwest Indiana data files. The Forum had contracted with NIPC (Northeast Illinois Planning Commission) to complete the job, but due to employee changes, to date they have been unable to finish. The Forum will look into how we can help to complete this project. Creation of minimally compliant metadata for the datasets may help to speed the process up if it meets the requirements of the grant.

All of the paperwork for startup of the EPA Grant has been submitted. Electronic fund transfers can begin to take place. Further discussion of grant related tasks will continue in the Steering Committee meeting.

Next Meeting: 9:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m., March 15, 2001 - IU Northwest.