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Indiana University Northwest

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Northwest Indiana GIS Forum Minutes
January 21, 1999
Indiana University Northwest

Meeting Notes

Attending: Milo Anderson, USEPA; Noel Kohl, USEPA; Becky Galambos, Hammond Sanitary District; Kim Molchan, Lake County Surveyor's Office; Rich Hardesty, Lake County Surveyor's Office; Betty Lipton, Lake County Surveyor's Office; Kathy Luther, IDEM; Kevin Miller, IDEM; Brian Murray, IDEM; Tim Sutherland, IU Northwest Library/NWI Data Center; Cecile Morris, IU Northwest/NWI Data Center; Nina Savar, NIPC/Guest Speaker

Introduction of Members/Comments on minutes of Sept. 17, 1998 meeting.

Lake County Surveyor's Office is currently awaiting a report from consultant Dan Parr with the first set of guidelines for Lake County GIS. The Surveyor's Office has GIS/GPS compatible hardware but do not have the expertise or map. IDEM will assist the county with a GPS base station to be located on the roof the government complex.

Woolpert update: 93% of the state photography has been accepted by the USGS. The photos are presently in the triangulation process to create the ortho quads. There will be 40 delivery areas. Lake, Porter and LaPorte counties will be completed by the summer of 1999. The finished quads will then go to the USGS for QC. There is still time to request higher resolution photos with a faster delivery date from Woolpert.

Subcommittee Reports:

Clearinghouse Subcommittee

Tim Sutherland reported that IU Northwest has had discussions with Kathy McCarter of the Polis Center at IUPUI regarding their involvement with GIS. Polis is interested in partnering with other sites around the state on various GIS projects. IU Northwest's collaboration with Polis could include the creation of a GIS lab for training/education on campus. Such an association might create good funding advantages for our group.

Tim also led the group on a guided tour of the NWI GIS Forum web site. He anticipates additional updating of the site in the future. Milo suggested that the site should contain a mission statement and requested that members submit written ideas at the next meeting.

Tim also announced that the IU Northwest Division of Business and Economics has a GIS course scheduled for the fall. Presently he is unaware of what prerequisites/restrictions might be associated with enrollment for the course.

Cataloging Subcommittee

Becky reported that the methodology for cataloging is set. Funding is now the main goal to get the job started. It will be up to the group to decide whom to contact for metadata. We will need to phone people and get contacts. With so many local organizations participating in our forum we already have a good place to begin to look for data to catalog.

Infrastructure Subcommittee

Kathy Luther questioned the necessity for this subcommittee. Upon further discussion it was decided that the entire group might deal with any questions regarding GIS hardware requirements as they arise. Kathy will continue her efforts with the Fund Raising Subcommittee.

Training Subcommittee

It is difficult to schedule ArcView training sessions at Valparaiso Univ. during the semester. Summer sessions at Valpo should be easier to schedule. Further discussion on this subject at the next meeting.

Kevin Miller announced that due to reorganization of its Indianapolis office, IDEM is making mapping grade GPS units (Geo Explorer II), software and training available for project use through its Northwest Indiana office. The equipment and training will be made available to government/nonprofits organizations only. Prerequisites for participation in this program include submission of a project proposal to IDEM, an equipment training course and data sharing with IDEM. Training will most likely be held in Northwest Indiana. Training will include classroom lecture, software instruction and how to use the equipment in the field. Presently there are no deadlines for proposals.

Presentation - Nina Savar - NIPC

The presentation included an explanation of metadata as well as an introduction to NIPC's data catalog and Clearinghouse web sites.


Fund Raising Subcommittee

The group needs to focus on how to get funding for the cataloging project. Many questions were raised during this discussion including:

  • Who should be responsible for writing grants?
  • Who can apply for a grant?
  • How do organizations apply for grants?
  • Who is applying for grants?
  • How do we get around the specific theme project grants?
  • Could we partner on another organization's grant to provide data cataloging?

Nina Savar from NIPC stated that her organization could handle metadata creation and data cataloging for our group. We could house the data at their web site until we create our own site.

Administration of any grant monies received could be undertaken by IU Northwest since they are already set up to do so, but the grant would have to be appropriate for that institution. Betty of Lake County Surveyor's Office agreed to inquire if grant money might be administered through that office if governmental entity status was attractive for possible funding.

Nina suggested that FGDC might be a good source for funding for our group. New guidelines for funding through FGDC will be available in February 1999. She mentioned that FGDC particularly likes to fund programs where there are lots of partners. She felt that the group's uniqueness as well as our demonstrated commitment would be a plus for obtaining funds from FGDC. She also felt that including an education component to any proposal would be helpful.

If any funding possibilities become available prior to our next meeting, the committee will be contacted for proposal creation.

Next meeting - Thursday, April 15, 1999
Meeting Notes Submitted By:
Cecile Morris