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Indiana University Northwest

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Northwest Indiana GIS Forum Minutes
June 25, 1998
IDEM Northwest Indiana Office,
504 Broadway, Gary

Meeting Notes

Attending: Gwendolyn Adams, City of Gary; Milo Anderson, U.S. EPA; Kathy Baird, IDEM NWI Office; George Budwash, Robinson Engineering; Paul Buszka, USGS; Rich Chapman, U.S. Steel; Becky Galambos, Hammond Sanitary District; Ivan Gregory, City of Gary Planning Dept.; Marcus Hubbard, City or Gary Planning Dept.; Kevin Miller, IDEM; Prapassara Nilagupta, Great Lakes Commission; George Olmsted, IU Northwest Bus. & Econ. Div.; Lance Reinsma, Town of Munster; Charles Remmers, Town of Munster; Edward Rudd, Robinson Engineering; Brian Stage, NIPSCO; Tim Sutherland, IU Northwest/NWI Center for Data; Mark Wilkerson, NIRPC; Barbara Wilson, Lake County Surveyors Dept.; Lorraine Wright, IDEM

Previous meeting minutes were distributed. Because there were several new attendees Becky and Milo began the meeting by asking that each person introduce himself/herself and the organization they represented. It was reported that 19 persons from NWI attended the ESRI ArcView GIS training sessions at Valparaiso Univ. conducted by IDEM. There will be additional sessions repeated in August and it was suggested that a thank you letter be sent on behalf of the GIS Forum to IDEM in addition to e-mail messages already sent from individual participants. IDEM as an outreach program may also offer a demo session sometime this summer regarding how GPS (global positioning systems) relate to GIS.

IDEM has a grant to develop a database of Indiana hazardous building sites. The grant includes the purchase of hardware, software, training with the intention of developing data sets with the Indiana Geological Survey and USGS. Geographic database of regulated facilities in Northwest Indiana will be created using Global Positioning Systems. A CD-ROM will be cut and the data will be distributed. EPA has regional, state and county data. Need Local data on a neighborhood scale. It is requested that the data that is developed be returned to the work group. Currently 85 facilities have been mapped and are within 5-meter accuracy. The geographic data are located in INFO and SHAPE files. Can set up map server on the Web.

Expectation and Needs

  1. What data is available now? (Catalog with metadata )
  2. Training
  3. Tool-up, type of equipment needs
  4. How do we serve data to the public? (Clearinghouse/Web?)

Lake County Surveyor's Office reported that aerial photography of the County was completed.

Gary base map was flown one year ago. Square mile around downtown Gary - Digital ortho production has been delayed from Aug to Oct. Robinson Engineering is compiling metadata, and content standard for the data. May use Arc View or Arc Info.

NIPSCO - Currently mapping sub stations in service territory. Using GIS mainly in environmental dept. may expand to engineering in future.

US Steel - Started using ARC View within the last year. Did sign RCRA correction action order. Currently using Arc View for Ground water wells and soil mapping and doing trend analysis.

USGS - is currently responsible for Indiana ground water studies. The aerial photography flown this spring and converted to digital ortho photos will be available by the end of 1999 and is paid by federal monies. Completion of 14 digit watersheds will be completed by April 1999. Digital Raster Graphics of quads are complete (1"= 1200 scale photography). USGS 71/2-minute maps are available. Discussion included how to download quads from the Web.

Data Sharing Subcommittee: Becky has a personal GIS Web site for Northwest Indiana.

IU Northwest Web site will include links to different subjects.

Data Clearinghouse Subcommittee: Currently IU Northwest has problems with getting support for a server. Town of Munster offered to host the Web site if IU Northwest is unable to host the site.

Infrastructure Subcommittee is struggling with methodology. Metadata Light is a possible choice of software for creating metadata. It seems to be more user friendly than other products.

Northwest Indiana mapping by contractor for EPA includes 8 layers of environmentally sensitive areas, marinas, locks and dams, water intakes, pipelines, routing, natural managed areas, tribal lands and oil storage areas with a potential for spills. The data will be delivered by the EPA on CD-ROM.

Sally Swanson of EPA-GIS is offering grants for projects that can deliver results in one to two years. The group may be able to take advantage of such funding. NIPC, CAGIS, and the Chicago Wilderness have received a similar grant to create a browsable catalog. The possibility exists that we could use their metadata expertise in conjunction with any funding we could receive.

Becky demonstrated a GIS based project: Overview for Grand Calumet River Corridor through Hammond.

Submitted by Tim Sutherland and Cecile Morris, NWI Center for Data and Analysis at IU Northwest, with assistance from Lorraine Wright, IDEM.