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Indiana University Northwest

Department of Modern Languages

Meet Our Faculty

Scooter Pégram

Associate Professor
Hawthorn Hall 463


Scooter Pégram is the director of the French programme at IU-Northwest and is Associate Professor of French and Minority Studies and is a member of the faculty in Women’s and Gender Studies. A sociolinguist by training, Dr. Pégram has published articles on subjects encapsulating youth of colour across North America and France on topics such as identity, acceptance, racism, integration, gender and language. Dr. Pégram’s work has been published in prestigious international academic journals and manuscripts and his 2005 book entitled Choosing Their Own Style: Identity Emergence among Haitian Youth in Québec was published by Peter Lang Press (Berlin and New York). Currently, Dr. Pégram is researching the intertwining topics of resistance, language and identity as manifested via the medium of French-language hip-hop music.

Dr. Pégram teaches classes in all levels of French language and culture (from beginning to advanced) and he oversees the French programme at IU-Northwest. In addition, Dr. Pégram also teaches a French Cinema class which is given in English each summer for students not studying en français. On occasion, Dr. Pégram also teaches courses in Canadian Studies. As a faculty member of the Department of Minority Studies, Dr. Pégram contributes to the African Diaspora mission of the department by offering courses that focus on Caribbean Studies, including AFRO-208 (The African Caribbean), a popular course given each spring semester. 

Concerning service, Dr. Pégram is very involved with Indiana University, as he serves on several IU-wide committees. Dr Pégram is also omnipresent on the IU-Northwest campus, as he is the President of the IUN chapter of the international French honour society Pi Delta Phi as well as serving as the advisor to several student organisations and clubs.

When not labouring on his academic research, teaching classes, or advising students, Dr. Pégram enjoys listening to electronica music, dancing, visiting different neighbourhoods in nearby Chicago, surfing, bike riding and cooking / sampling different types of cuisine. An avid and passionate traveller, Dr. Pégram has visited over 100 countries and he speaks several languages fluently. 


-       PhD, Louisiana State University

-       MA, University of Vermont

-       BA, University of Wisconsin – Madison

-       Certificat, Université du Québec à Chicoutimi

Areas of Expertise:

-       Sociolinguistics

-       Ethnocultural Studies

-       Canadian and Québec Studies

-       Caribbean Studies

-       French-language hip-hop musicology

-       Ethnic relations in the Francophone world

Recent Publications:

Journal Article, Pégram, Scooter. (2012, forthcoming). “Rapping to Represent and Resist: Language, Lyrics and Young Haitian Males in early Québec Hip-hop,” in Wadabagei: The International Journal of Caribbean Studies.

Journal Article, Pégram, Scooter. (2012, forthcoming). “Philosophers and Poets of the Periphery: Educational Revision, Cultural Resistance and Community Resilience in French Hip-Hop,” in Journal of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

Journal Article, Pégram, Scooter. (2011). “Not ‘Condemned to Fail,’ Examples of Community Pride and Social Uplift in French Rap,” in Journal of Poetry Therapy, Volume 24, Number 4, pages 239-253, London: Routledge Press.

Journal Article, Pégram, Scooter. (2008). “Dancing their way into English: Language preservation and Language Shift among Latina females in Northwest Indiana,” in Journal of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Edition 13, Volume 1, pages 107-115.

Journal Article. Pégram, Scooter. (2008). “Meshing in, not Melting Away: Identity and Language Shift among young Haitian Females in Québec,” in Journal of the Indiana Academy of Social Sciences, volume XI, pages 44-61.

Book chapter.  Pégram, Scooter and Gunn, John W. (2007). “Hey, hey, hey (yo): The Real Fat Albert speaks Ebonics (and he ain’t no knucklehead),” in Mohamed, Theresa (ed.) Essays in Response to Bill Cosby’s Comments on African American Failure. Edwin Mellen Press: Lewiston, Maine.

Book. Pégram, Scooter. (2005). Choosing Their Own Style: Identity Emergence among Haitian Youth in Québec. Peter Lang Publishers, New York.

Journal Article, Pégram, Scooter. (2005). “Being Ourselves: Immigrant Culture and Self-Identification among Young Haitians in Montréal,” in Ethnic Studies Review, volume 28, pages 1-20.