I have received a report from Professor Hozo and the Election Committee on the results of the election for the 2001-02 Faculty Board of Review.  The following faculty members have been elected to the FBR for next year:

             Name                                       &nbs p;  Votes

             Professor Mark Sheldon                 58
             Professor Arlene Adler                   41
             Librarian Ellen Bosman                   38
             Professor Pamela Sandoval            38
             Professor Atilla Tuncay                  38
Vote totals for other nominees were:

             Professor Paul Blohm                    35
             Professor George Bodmer             33
             Professor Ruth Needleman            32
             Professor Neil Goodman               29
             Professor Barry Johnston              28
             Professor Geoffrey Schultz            28
             Professor Fred Chary                   27
             Professor Florence Sawicki          27
             Professor Judith Knapp                20

There were a total of 98 ballots counted.  Five (5) ballots were disqualified because of unreadable signatures.  The new Faculty Board of Review begins its term on February 1, 2001.  The FBR is vitally important in securing and protecting the rights of faculty members and I want to sincerely thank all of the nominees for their willingness to stand for election.

Jim Tolhuizen, President
IUN Faculty Organization

Indiana University Northwest
3400 Broadway - Gary, Indiana  46408

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