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Indiana University Northwest

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IU Northwest to host student research conference April 5

Students to present research on topics in arts and sciences


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Emily Banas
Office of Marketing and Communications

Erika Rose
Office of Marketing and Communications

IU Northwest invites the community to discover what undergraduate and graduate students have been studying at its Eighth Annual College of Arts and Sciences Student Research Conference on Thursday, April 5.

Students will present their research and artistic endeavors in the fields of biology, psychology, chemistry, business, English, fine arts, sociology and more following a continental breakfast at 8 a.m. in the university’s John W. Anderson Library Conference Center (105 B).

The presentations begin at 8:30 a.m. The day’s agenda is as follows:

8:30 to 9:45 a.m.

Library Conference Center 105 A


Vanessa Hardy, "Georg Simmel" (Prof. Stephanie Shanks-Meile)

Andrea L. Keyes, "Anna Julia Cooper--A Black Feminist Educator and Visionary" (Prof. Stephanie Shanks-Meile)

Alexander Cerajewski, "The Fruit that Ripens in the Storm: Mikhail Bakunin's Life and Theory" (Prof. Stephanie Shanks-Meile)

Tonia Talynne King, "Reciprocity: An Honest Look Into the Life of Marcel Mauss" (Prof. Stephanie Shanks-Meile)

Library Conference Center 105 C


Nicole Grabos, Danielle R. Harper, Peter Henderlong, Ryan Venturelli, "In Situ Density Determination Using Nettleton's Method,” (Prof. Kris Huysken)

Danielle R. Harper, "Establishing the methodology for examining the presence and concentration of heavy metals adsorbed on the surfaces of total suspended solids and in the waters of Salt Creek, Porter County, Indiana." (Prof. Erin Argyilan)

Courtney Ann Targos, "Establishing a Stage-Discharge Relationship Through the Use of Staff Gages" (Prof. Erin Argyilan)

Amanda Mikuta, "How Invasive Earthworms Impact North American Forests" (Prof. Peter Avis)

Library Conference Center 110


Angela Phillips, "Memory of Criminal Events: The Influence of Gender and Ethnicity" (Prof. Frances Daniel)

Courtney DeCero, "The Effects of Working Memory Capacity and Practice on Remember/Know Judgments for Critical Lures" (Prof. Frances Daniel)

Brandy Lynn Eddy, “St. Michael the Archangel Church and School” (Prof. Christopher Young)

Shawna Wakefield, “Museums and Memory” (Prof. Christopher Young)

10 to 11:15 a.m.

Library Conference Center 105 A


Michael White, “The Paris Commune of 1871 and Public Memory” (Prof. Christopher Young)

Elizabeth LaDuke, “Indiana’s Ideal Monument: The Neglect and Preservation of the Ostermann Memorial Bench” (Prof. Christopher Young)

Matt Starkey, "The effects of personality on the creation of false memories" (Prof. Frances Daniel)

Anjelita Cratty, "Working memory differences and memory for previously remembered events" (Prof. Frances Daniel)

Library Conference Center 105 C


Laura Crespos, Gerri Massey, Tawana Rogers, Michelle Wehner, "Recognizing student contributions to university-community partnerships to promote Northwest Indiana regional change and sustainability in social service agencies (The Feedback Project)” (Profs. Jennifer Anderson and Andrea Tamburro)

Melissa Castellano, Jessica Tylicki, Rachel Peyton, "Examining Student Reactions to E-Texts” (Prof. Karl Nelson)

Jennifer S. Clark, "Gender and ISTEP Exams: Is the Exam Efficient for Female and Male Students" (Prof. Joseph Ferrandino)

Library Conference Center 110


Mariah K. Hamang, "Language Origins and Prelanguage" (Prof.  Robert Mucci)

Nicole Grabos, "Field Methodology of Optically Stimulated Luminescence (OSL) Dating for Parabolic Dune Stabilization Along the Southern Shoreline of Lake Michigan” (Prof. Erin Argyilan)

Michael Blackard and Mathew T. Barras, "Determining the Differentiation Potential of an Immortalized Mouse Embryonic Cell Line in the Chicken Embryo" (Prof. Harold Olivey)

11:30 a.m. to 12:45 p.m.

Library Conference Center 105 A


Fiyin A. Obajuluwa, Sarah N. Torabi, and Reginald R. Walters, "Distress Tolerance, PTSD Symptomology, and Pain Tolerance” (Prof. Karl Nelson)

Ausencia Sanchez, Meghan Ruich, and Shiela Bingham, "Contributors to Depression, Anxiety and Stress" (Prof. Karl Nelson)

Courtney Edwards and Gina Romero, "The effects of ADHD and Type A personality on the time-management skills of college students" (Prof. Karl Nelson)

Kire Pavlovski and Jessica DenHartog, "Exploring the Relationship between Alcohol Abuse and Psychological Health"            (Prof. Karl Nelson)

Library Conference Center 105 C


Michele Stowers, "Believing in the Theory of God" (Prof. Tanice Foltz)

Mary Bartholomew, “What Is Love? Getting Into Polyamorous Relationships” (Prof. Tanice Foltz)

Roy Campos, Alex Cerajewski, Komala Hayes, Steve Hernandez, Jacqueline Moore, Christina Striker-Petersen, Stephanie Vargas, "The Region: Portrayals and Projections of Northwest Indiana in the Media" (Prof. Stephanie Shanks-Meile)

Reham Baghdady, Toni Calhoun, Melissa Garcia, Ameka Harris, Latoya Hazelett, Jasmine Lindsey, Kari McColley, Elizabeth Ornelas, Roberto Perez, Kathleen Quillen, Shavon Smith, “Does Priming Influence Preschool Children’s Food Sharing?” (Prof. Mary Ann Fischer)

Library Conference Center 110


Michelle Deming, "A Tale of Two Proofs" (Prof. Vesna Kilibarda)

Jacob D. White, "An improved variation-of-constants formula for linear equations of second order" (Prof. Axel Schulze-Halberg)

Mike Hammond, "Mathematica: Applications to Molecular Dynamics" (Prof. Nelson De Leon)

Chris Hilbrich, “Picospin NMR as an Analytical Tool for Studying Organic Solvent Mixtures,” (Profs. Atilla Tuncay and Govindarajan Bhavani)

1 to 2:15 p.m.

Library Conference Center 105 A


Anne Marie Goodman, "The Effects of Spatial Ability and Gestures on the number of Disfluencies while Solving Puzzles" (Prof. Frances Daniel)

Elise Ozier, Reginald Walters, Courtney DeCero, Stefanie Mockler, Angela Phillips, "Application exercises promote transfer of statistics knowledge in real-world contexts" (Prof. Frances Daniel)

Metodij Marinceski, "The effects of bilingualism on a non-verbal reasoning task" (Prof. Frances Daniel)

Stefanie Ann Mockler, “Effects of seductive details on memory when reading health-related passages,” (Prof. Frances Daniel)

Library Conference Center 105 C


Saqib Nisar, "Regulation and Function of Aquaporin-2 in Kidney Collecting Ducts" (Prof. Michael LaPointe)

Asad J. Torabi, "Calcium Channels in Human Retinal Pigment Epithelium" (Profs. Michael LaPointe, Nancy Mangini, Brian Kennedy)

Sarah Lynch, "L-DOPA-induced striatonigral ERK 1/2signaling is attenuated by GABA in a rat model of PD" (Prof.  Subbiah P. Sivam)

Thanzeela Mohideen, "The effect of diet-induced obesity and metabolic syndrome on skeletal muscle of female Ossabaw miniature swine" (Prof. Tatiana Kostrominova)

Library Conference Center 110


Jennifer Tepavcevich "Prospero's Prospera: The Tempest of Julie Taymor” (Prof. Doug Swartz)

Melissa Bowen, "Big Business, Big Problem: McDonald's and Unfair Labor Practices" (Prof. Atta Ceesay)

Komala Hayes, "The Republican Right’s Criminalization of Women’s Reproductive Health: The Battle Continues…" (Prof. Tanice Foltz)

Shavon Smith and Elizabeth Ornelas, "The Influence of Gender and the Role of General Cues in Infant Altruism" (Prof. Mary Ann Fischer)

1 p.m. Special Invitation Event

The Documentary Analysis Seminar led by Dr. Gary P. Zola: "George Washington and the Story of Religious Freedom in America."

2:15-2:30 p.m.

Refreshments available in the Library Conference Center.

2:30 p.m. Keynote Address

Library Conference Center 105ABC

"Passion from the Jewish Pulpit: Oratorical Communication and the Civil Rights Movement"

Dr. Gary P. Zola is a Professor of the American Jewish Experience at Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion and Executive Director of The Jacob Rader Marcus Center of the American Jewish Archives, Cincinnati, Ohio.

Zola will introduce attendees to the actual voices of some of American Judaism's most notable orators. Participants will have a rare opportunity to hear some of the most remarkable vocal recordings (digitized for clarity with pictorial visuals added) of several towering rabbinic figures, all of which come from the American Jewish Archive's holdings. He will use these recordings to demonstrate how rabbinic oratory influenced the American Jewish community during this watershed era.

COAS Conference and Communication Week Reception will be held in the Library Conference Center immediately following the keynote address.

The Library Conference Center at IU Northwest is located on 35th Avenue in Gary, just one half-mile south of I-80/94.

For more information, contact Christopher Young, Ph.D., at (219) 980-6563 or