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IU Northwest economic impact estimated at more than $100 million

Jobs, philanthropy, volunteerism highlight Northwest campus’s contributions to the state and region


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Office of Marketing and Communications

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Indiana University Economic Impact Study

Indiana University Northwest creates more than $100 million in economic activity for Northwest Indiana and the state, according to the results of a recent economic impact study.

That study, commissioned by Indiana University and conducted by Tripp Umbach, a leading economic development impact analysis firm, also found that IU and IU Health generated a combined economic impact of at least $11.5 billion for the state of Indiana and sustained 100,000 jobs during the 2010-11 fiscal year.

Of that, the Northwest campus’s economic impact was estimated at $105.7 million, or double its annual operating budget of $50 million. That figure includes $50.4 million in direct impact and $55.3 million in indirect and induced impact, according to the report.

The Tripp Umbach report also showed that the Northwest campus directly created 638 jobs and indirectly supported or induced another 639 jobs, for a total of 1,277 jobs. The report also calculated that IU Northwest generated annual local and state sales tax revenue of nearly $5.6 million.

IU Northwest makes other significant contributions to the community, the report showed. These include volunteerism by IU Northwest faculty, staff and students with an estimated value of $5.1 million, along with $1.4 million in financial contributions to local charitable organizations.

“The Tripp Umbach report effectively illustrates the diverse and substantive contributions that Indiana University and IU Northwest make to the state and to our region,” said IU Northwest Chancellor William J. Lowe. “I am especially proud to see that our students, faculty and staff members continue to be significantly engaged in community-based endeavors through volunteerism and philanthropy. Their personal commitment to achieving a better quality of life in Northwest Indiana has an exponential impact on our community that cannot be measured in numbers alone.”  

About the report

IU commissioned Tripp Umbach in 2011 to produce the economic impact report to provide a comprehensive independent analysis of economic activity associated with the university and IU Health. The cost of the study was $75,000.

Tripp Umbach used data supplied by IU and IU Health, and its affiliates, and calculated the economic impact using IMPLAN modeling software created by the Minnesota IMPLAN Group, Inc.

The economic impact figures used in this report include spending on goods, services and taxes within Indiana by IU, IU Health and individuals and organizations that do business with the university and the healthcare system. The figures reported by Tripp Umbach represent only economic impact in the state of Indiana. Spending associated with IU and IU Health that occurred outside the state or country was not included.

A campus-by-campus breakdown of IU’s economic impact can be found in the complete Tripp Umbach report, which is available at