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IU Northwest honors retirees at semi-annual reception

Colleagues share stories and laughs as they wish departing co-workers well

IU Northwest file photo
Professor of Sociology Charles Gallmeier, Ph.D. reminded attendees of a hilarious reversal of identities. "I'm really Ken Schoon," he said, showing the "evidence," which was an erroneous publication from more than 10 years ago.

The colleagues and families of retiring Indiana University Northwest staff and faculty members gathered on campus December 15 to recount fond memories and show appreciation for the six individuals who are retiring from the university this month and beginning a new chapter in their lives.

The retiring individuals honored at the reception (pictured from left to right), include: Printing Services Manager Janet Taylor; School of Education Associate Dean Kenneth Schoon, Ph.D; Purchasing Director Marianne Malyi; Professor of Chemistry Alan Lindmark, Ph.D; and IUPD Officer Donald Young. Unable to attend the reception was Dorothy “Cookie” Van Scoyk, secretary in the School of Business and Economics.

IU Northwest Chancellor William J. Lowe welcomed the retirees and recapped their various titles and responsibilities throughout the years.

“These are folks we are going to miss,” he said. “These are folks who have contributed over the years a great deal and have left their mark here at IU Northwest. Even though they will be missed, we want to wish them the very best in the next stage of their career.”

Long-time colleagues of each retiree in attendance took turns at the podium, recounting stories, revealing endearing personality traits and above all, thanking their colleagues – and friends - for their unwavering dedication and service over the years.

Alan Lindmark, Ph.D
Professor of Chemistry, 33 years of service

Chancellor Lowe congratulated Professor of Chemistry Alan Lindmark, Ph.D., for his outstanding service, noting in particular his 15-year stint as Chair of the Chemistry Department; his service on many university committees; and his role in helping the department receive its ACS accreditation.

Associate Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences Nelson De Leon, Ph.D. relayed several humorous anecdotes from colleagues of Lindmark, who is well-known for his vast knowledge about baseball and a unique ability to calculate math problems in his head.

De Leon told a story about Lindmark becoming the Chemistry chairman “against his wishes” and how he “never had a good thing to say about administrators.” His gift of a dartboard with the bulls-eye replaced with an “administrators” cartoon drew uproarious laughter.

Another unique gift was a poster-sized phonetic spelling of the often-mispronounced word, “nuclear,” to remind Lindmark about his inability to mispronounce the word. De Leon said he never wanted Lindmark to forget how to properly mispronounce “noo ku lar.”

Kenneth Schoon, Ph.D
Education, 42 years of service

Kenneth Schoon, Ed.D. took the jokes in stride as Dean of the School of Education Stan Wigle poked fun at Schoon’s longevity, among other things, in his “Five Things About Ken.” Taking on a more serious tone in summary, Wigle concluded with heartfelt praise of Schoon’s “remarkable career.”

“The School of Education is going to miss everything you’ve done and everything you continue to do to help make this school more successful,” Wigle said.

Schoon is a longtime member of The Faculty Colloquium on Excellence in Teaching (FACET) and active in the IU Northwest faculty organization. Chancellor Lowe noted Schoon’s book “Calumet Beginnings,” which was recognized at the time of its publication as one of the top campus research projects, as well as his outstanding service awards based on his contributions to Indiana University and Northwest Indiana communities.

Marianne Malyj
Purchasing, 31 years of service

Her career at IU Northwest spanning three decades, Marianne Malyi came to IU Northwest as a senior records clerk in the Registrar’s office and soon moved to the role of book store manager. She also worked towards her bachelor’s degree from the IU Northwest School of Business. After she graduated, Malyi became director of Purchasing and Campus Services.

Vice Chancellor for Administration Joe Pellicciotti referred to Malyi as “an IU Northwest institution.”

To illustrate his point, Pellicciotti compared Malyi to the character Radar on the “M*A*S*H*” television series. Radar, he said, had a “near-magical ability to get whatever the unit needed.” He was the glue that held the fictional military unit together.

“Does this sound like our Marianne?” Pellicciotti asked. Indeed, her colleagues agreed that, like Radar, Malyi is in many ways the glue that held her unit together.

“She found ways to get done what needed to be done,” Pellicciotti said. “If I were to sum up in just a few words, she’s been a true professional who made a difference in the institution.”

Janet Taylor
Printing Services, 40 years of service

A two-time recipient of the Outstanding Staff Award, Janet Taylor is retiring after 40 years in Printing Services.

Fellow retiree Marianne Malyi, her long-time supervisor, described Taylor as “one of most dedicated, loyal and wonderful individual on this campus.”

Malyi praised Taylor’s outstanding work ethic and appreciation that “every job that was given to her was done perfectly.”

Taylor was known for indulging her grandchildren in an occasional trip to the cafeteria. She intends to spend her retirement perfecting the “three Rs,” that is, resting, reading and relaxing.

Donald Young
Police Department, 25 years of service

Donald Young, who began his career as a cadet police officer in 1983, was commended for keeping watch over the campus community over the past 25 years. He was one of the campus’s first bike patrol officers and worked the often-difficult midnight shift.

“I’ve had a great time here. Midnights has been a great time because you meet a lot of people – strange, weird people,” Young said, evoking much laughter.

Lt. Ed Davies said he would recommend that the IU Northwest Police Department retire Young’s badge, number 569, in honor of his service.

When he is not serving and protecting the campus, Young enjoys photography and historical research. He is active in the campus’s Neil Marshall Alumni Club, The Black Student Union and the IU Northwest Alumni Association.

Young received special recognition by Professor of Education Vernon Smith, Ed.D., who is also an Indiana state representative. Noting Young’s congenial spirit and sincerity, Smith took the podium to name Young an honorary state representative.


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IU Northwest file photo
Professor of Education Vernon Smith, Ed.D., left, who is also an Indiana State Representative, named Officer Don Young an honorary state representative in recognition of his retirement from IU Northwest.