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IU Northwest welcomes three technology interns

IU’s Bepko Internship Program rewards innovative ideas at regional campuses with paid, hands-on opportunities for students


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Erika Rose
Office of Marketing and Communications

Charles Sheid
Office of Marketing and Communications

Each year through the Gerald L. Bepko Internship Program, University Information Technology Services (UITS) at Indiana University provides a select number of students with opportunities to gain hands-on skills working on innovative IT projects at all eight campuses.

The program’s paid internships are targeted to populations traditionally under-represented in IT. The Information Technology Department at Indiana University Northwest was awarded funds to hire three of those interns, the most of any regional IU campus.

“The fact that IU Northwest received the green light to hire three interns is evidence of the innovation at work at IU Northwest,” said Executive Director of Information Technology Carol Wood. “The proposals our team submitted outlined projects that will contribute greatly to the modernization of our campus practices. At the same time, they will provide the students with just the type of hands-on experience they need to be successful in their fields.”

Meet IU Northwest’s three Bepko student interns and the projects they are working on:

Senior Tatiana Bozovic is the newest face working in the Web Services Department. Under the direction of Web Manager Anthony Graves, she is responsible for building pages for the IU Northwest Web site. She is an important part of the gradual rollout of the revamped site, which recently saw its first upgrade with a new home page.

Bozovic, a Munster High School graduate, is majoring in Computer Information Systems with a minor in Business Administration.

Most importantly, while Bozovic is learning about modern Web development techniques, she is also learning important trade and professional skills that only an actual workplace can provide.

“You can learn the skills in school and you can practice them and do homework but when you are actually in the work environment, you get a real hands-on feel for it,” Bozovic said. “I really do feel like this is a career and something I could be doing when I graduate.”

Bozovic also works for the “Geek Squad” at Best Buy. Upon graduation, she hopes to find employment as a Web designer or project manager in the Information Technology field.

Junior Stephanie Hart, who graduated from Merrillville High School in 2009, is also majoring in Computer Information Systems and minoring in Business Administration.

Hart began college as a journalism major at IU Bloomington but soon found herself back at home and in need of a change in major. The internship opportunity sealed the deal for Hart as far as whether or not to choose computer information systems.

She is working with Director of Telecom and Networking Steven Fejdasz on a major telephone upgrade involving some 600 telephone users on campus. With the majority of the programming work behind her, Hart is now working with users one-on-one to help them install the software and become familiar with the tools.

She described the new Unicom system as “kind of like Skype and email and a phone all in one.”

“I am seeing a lot of things that I have never seen before with programming,” Hart said about the value the opportunity has brought to her education. “I am getting experience that other kids might not ever be able to get.”

Hart also works a retail job at the mall. Upon graduation, Hart plans to pursue a graduate degree in computer science or informatics.

Brandon Hill is working with Media Production Manager Aaron Pigors on developing a multimedia interactive tour of the campus buildings.

The 2011 graduate is excited about the opportunity to learn something that is so new and innovative. It is sure to boost his marketability in the job pool, Hill said.

Once the project is complete, campus visitors will be able to use their hand-held devices to scan a code posted on signage outside each of the buildings to bring up a short video about the services inside. The videos would also be accessed via a campus map on the Web site. For Hill, the work involves shooting videos, writing scripts and developing the QR codes.

A native of Louisville, Ky. and an Air Force veteran, Hill transferred to IU Northwest to play basketball and to pursue an education in Computer Information Systems.

Hill said his experience as a systems administrator in the Air Force was primarily with small computers, troubleshooting and network security. The Bepko internship enables him to hone his skills in the areas of multimedia and marketing.

 “It’s a different aspect of IT that I would like to venture into,” he said. “I’ve been in charge of projects before but this is first time I’ve been a part of everything that went on, from setting up meetings on up,” Hill said. “It’s been a great experience for me because it is business-oriented as well as IT.”

To gain even more experience, Hill also volunteers at Lakeshore Public Television. He hopes to one day be an entrepreneur.

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IU Northwest file photo
Stephanie Hart, Telecom and Networking

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Tatiana Bozovic, Web Services