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IU Northwest provides new, free service to promote a healthy campus environment

Secure, confidential and free online personal health record now available to campus community


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Health & Wellness Center

How many times have you visited a doctor and been asked to repeat the answers to the same old questions? Do you struggle to recall the dates of previous illnesses? The dosages of your prescriptions? Maybe you’re even sent for tests you’ve already had.

Wouldn’t it be nice if a tidy, organized record of all that information existed, one that you could use to keep track of medical histories, test results, previous illnesses, allergies, vaccinations, medications and more? One that could easily be shared with healthcare providers to bridge the information gap?

Indiana University Northwest is now offering students, staff and faculty an opportunity to create their own online  personal health record (PHR). The record can be used to keep track of the entire family’s records. While students at IU’s Bloomington campus have had the PHR service available to them for some time, this is the first time at any IU campus, that the service is available to staff and faculty members.

The campus is providing the free service through The external site is accessible through OneStart on the IU Northwest home page. Although users do not have to be a patient at the Campus Health and Wellness Center to take advantage of this free service, those who chose to be a patient there can register online through the PHR portal, and elect to send all or part of the record to the clinic. In fact, the PHR can be sent to any healthcare provider.

While the record can be kept strictly for a patient’s own personal record-keeping and not shared with anyone, having a PHR has many advantages when shared with healthcare providers, said the clinic’s nurse practitioner, Gail Zacok, MSN, RN, FNP.

“Sharing information improves communication between providers and patients and increases safety, efficiency and quality,” Zacok said. “It reduces the risk of medical errors and prescription drug incompatibility and avoids duplication of tests. It helps ensure prompt treatment in emergency situations.

“Let’s say I order a blood test,” Zacok explained. “The patient has the option to take the results and put them in their PHR or they can choose not to. They can also have their medical file at the clinic put directly into their PHR if they so choose.”

Linda Delunas, Ph.D., Associate Dean, College of Health and Human Services, emphasized that the service is secure and confidential.  

No More Clipboard uses the same Secure Socket Layer (SSL) account security trusted by reputable online retailers and financial institutions. The site’s security is also approved by VeriSign, the dominant certificate authority on the World Wide Web and is kept behind a firewall protecting the information against unauthorized users.

The availability of the password-protected PHR has also met the strict standards of Information Technology at Indiana University, Delunas added. This means that no one, least of all those in the IU system, Delunas said, can access a person’s PHR without the owner’s permission.

“It’s another way to help people remain in charge of their own health and wellness,” Delunas said. “The better records you keep, the more information you give to your providers, the better care they can give to you. It’s another tool for people to use to be healthy.” 

Getting started is simple. To begin setting up your PHR, log in to OneStart from the IU Northwest home page and go to the “campus” tab. Then, select the “health services” node on the left side of the screen. There, in the middle of the screen, you will find a link to frequently asked questions as well as a link to “Set Up My PHR.” There, you may be asked to authenticate again and then be directed to the No More Clipboard site where you can create a separate username and password.

For more information, contact Gail Zacok at (219) 980-7252 or