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IU Northwest to maintain Continuing Studies degrees and programs despite the School’s statewide dissolution

Office of Academic Affairs affirms that the Northwest campus will continue to offer General Studies degrees, community programs like Kids College


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Office of Marketing and Communications

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Division of Continuing Studies

Indiana University Northwest announced on Friday, May 20 that the Northwest campus would continue to offer General Studies degrees and popular community programming such as Kids College and Adult Education courses, despite a recent announcement by Indiana University that it will dissolve its statewide School of Continuing Studies.

The Continuing Studies program at the Northwest campus encompasses the associate’s and bachelor’s degree programs in General Studies that provide higher education alternatives for non-traditional students. Non-credit programs such as Kids College, Adult Education and Senior University are also offered at IU Northwest through Continuing Studies.

“At IU Northwest, we intend to maintain our general studies degrees and non-credit programs, which remain in demand on our campus and provide demonstrable academic and career benefits to many of our returning adult and non-traditional students,” said David Malik, Ph.D., Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs. “We are still working out the details of how to accommodate these programs outside of the current Continuing Studies structure. But, IU Northwest will continue to support and advocate the Continuing Studies mission in Northwest Indiana.”

Regional campuses, like Northwest, have the autonomy to choose an appropriate course of action regarding continuing studies degrees and programs based on local needs and campus recommendations, Malik explained.  

“The Northwest campus believes these programs are essential to the success of our non-traditional students in this region,” he said. “We are committed to serving the higher education needs of those students, and the general studies degrees, in particular, which are important components of academic success for many of them.”  

The Division of Continuing Studies degree programs at IU Northwest include a certificate in general studies, an Associate of Arts in General Studies (A.A.G.S.), and a Bachelor of General Studies (B.G.S.). The needs of non-traditional and other students are met through flexible learning arrangements made possible through evening and online course offerings.

Non-credit programs offered through the division are typically short in duration and intended for personal or professional benefit. Kids College, a nearly 30-year-old program at IU Northwest, is a popular summer offering in which children ages 7-13 participate in fun courses on interesting topics designed to build a love of learning and an interest in attending college. Senior University is a summer program that features lifestyle-enrichment classes for mature citizens who simply want to learn something new.

“Not only will we continue to offer these popular programs, but the Office of Academic Affairs will work with our Continuing Studies and other faculty and staff to explore new and innovative approaches for engaging the public in education,” Malik said. “For example, the Division here has been demonstrable in funding development of online course offerings, and the campus will take even more aggressive action to expand the availability of online courses to accommodate the diverse needs of our students.”

The Division of Continuing Studies was established at IU Northwest in the mid-1970s.