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IU Northwest’s New Student Success Program to host movie and group discussion on Good Will Hunting

Screening of Gus Van Sant’s film, Good Will Hunting, expected to evoke a lively conversation focused on overcoming obstacles and recognizing one’s talents


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Emily Banas
Office of Marketing & Communications

Charles Sheid
Office of Marketing & Communications

The New Student Success Program (NSSP), an Indiana University Northwest organization, will host a viewing of Gus Van Sant’s film, Good Will Hunting, on Tuesday, Nov. 23. Individuals interested in the showing should meet in the Bruce W. Bergland Auditorium at 2:30 p.m.

A post-movie group discussion will focus on several key themes covered in the movie, specifically overcoming obstacles and bad influences, avoiding self-destructive behavior, recognizing one’s talents and dealing with emotional challenges. The group discussion will be led by Barbara Bullock, IU Northwest’s campus counselor and licensed clinical social worker.

Good Will Hunting, a 1997 American drama, was written by internationally known actors Matt Damon and Ben Affleck. The movie features a janitor (played by Matt Damon) at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, who has a gift for mathematics but needs help from a psychologist (played by Robin Williams) to find direction in his life.

Good Will Hunting was selected because it contains a message, which should resonate with the IU Northwest student body,” said NSSP Coordinator James Wallace. “In the film, a young man has to decide to put away childish things and use his talents to seek a better life for himself, even if it means leaving old friends and bad habits behind.

“Hopefully, by watching how Will eventually accepts his talents and utilizes them to create a new future for himself, IU Northwest students will also be able to find that same motivation in themselves.”

Established in 2009, the NSSP places participating students in a cohort of their freshman peers. Those students learn together by taking many of their required freshman courses together. The program also provides NSSP students with peer and faculty mentors who form a reliable social network, helping students navigate the many challenges that arise during freshman year.     

The movie and discussion is sponsored by the IU Northwest Office of Diversity Programming.

The Bruce W. Bergland Auditorium is located in the Savannah Center on the southeast corner of the main campus parking lot at 33rd Avenue and Broadway in Gary.

For additional information, please contact NSSP Coordinator James Wallace at (219) 980-6601 or