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IU Northwest opens additional parking areas on campus

As Fall Semester 2009 gets underway, the influx of new and returning students on campus has led to greater demand for parking space in campus lots. As a result, the IU Northwest Police Department has opened additional space on campus property for the convenience of students, faculty and staff.

In addition to the main campus parking lots along 33rd Avenue west of Broadway, and the lots just east of Broadway between 33rd and 35th Avenues, the IUPD has authorized parking on the grass adjacent to the lots that are just west of Massachusetts Street, one street east of Broadway. There is also a grassy area along 34th Avenue near Massachusetts that is available for parking. Police will patrol these lots regularly.

As of Wednesday, Sept. 2, additional spaces had been made available next to the brick building at the southwest corner of Broadway and 35th Avenue. This lot is on campus property, and student parking is permitted there, as well.

The IUNPD encourages all students, faculty and staff to park in approved campus locations, and to avoid parking in residential areas. Also, the campus community is reminded that the Gleason Golf Course is NOT part of the university grounds and is not open to student or employee parking. Vehicles parked in the Gleason lot are subject to be towed at the owners’ expense.

Finally, wherever they park, students, faculty and staff are reminded to use EXTREME CAUTION when crossing streets around campus, especially Broadway. Pedestrians must utilize the designated Pedestrian Crossing paths located at the flashing yellow light on the corner of 34th and Broadway, and at the Automatic Traffic Signal located at 35th and Broadway. Motorists have the right of way.

The IUNPD and IU Northwest appreciate the patience and cooperation from the campus community as they work to meet the parking needs of all students, faculty and staff during this new semester.



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