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Prof. Mark Hoyert appointed as dean of College of Arts and Sciences at IU Northwest

After serving as interim dean for one year, the acclaimed educator and Valparaiso resident accepts permanent administrative post

Professor of Psychology Mark Hoyert, Ph.D., who has served as interim dean of the Indiana University Northwest College of Arts and Sciences since August 2008, has been named to that position on a permanent basis, the university has announced. Hoyert, 49, of Valparaiso, is in his 21st year at IU Northwest. He had previously served as chair of the university’s psychology department.

Interim Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs David Malik stated that Hoyert stood out among a group of excellent finalists as the most able to lead the College to its next level of accomplishment.

"Dean Hoyert has already embraced the principles of Responsibility Centered Management in his leadership role as we move to the new budgeting paradigm,” Malik said. “He is working aggressively to empower the College to establish priorities in our academic program development and expand support for the scholarly work of our faculty."

The IU Northwest campus is currently moving toward the RCM financial model, which vests more decision-making and accountability within campus units.

“I think this is quite an exciting time to be a dean at IU Northwest,” Hoyert said. “When a campus is growing, that’s always an exciting time. We are going to work on new degree programs and new research initiatives (in the College of Arts and Sciences).”

Hoyert is an acclaimed educator who received IU’s prestigious Herman Frederic Lieber Memorial Award for outstanding teaching in 2006, and he is a longtime member of FACET, the statewide IU teaching academy for excellence in teaching. Hoyert is also an avid researcher whose interests include examining motivation for academic achievement, work that has resulted in the successful application of a tutoring program for introductory psychology students at IU Northwest.

Hoyert, who took over as interim dean when Professor of Communication Dorothy Ige, Ph.D., returned to the classroom last summer after seven years in the job, admitted that he’s still adjusting to academic life outside of the classroom.

“I especially miss interacting with students, helping to guide students, and helping students make the transition to the next step, whether that’s going to graduate school or med school, or working in psychology,” Hoyert said. “As a psych professor, I felt like I had a lot of influence over 30 students or so. As dean, I feel like I have indirect influence over a whole lot more students.”

Hoyert said that his year spent as interim dean allowed him to become familiar with the size, scope and function of the College’s budget and other important administrative concerns. The development of new program offerings have been and will continue to be another major priority, he said.

“We’re hoping to attract new students, and we’re hoping to improve the education of the students we have,” the dean said. “For example, we have some new programs in the works that will lead to a bachelor’s degree in an arts and sciences discipline, a Master of Science degree in education, and a teacher’s license, all at the same time.”

Now at the midpoint of his academic career, Hoyert said his thirst for a new challenge and his desire to contribute toward the campus’s academic development led him to pursue the Arts and Sciences’ dean’s chair. One of the benefits, he said, has been the chance to learn more about other departments and the work being done by other IU Northwest faculty.

“I have visited many more parts of the campus that I had never been to before,” Hoyert said. “I’d never been to the sculpture foundry on the other side of Broadway. And there are rooms in all of these buildings that are just kind of hidden.”

Hoyert earned his B.A. in history and B.S. in psychology from the University of Maryland, and then studied for his M.A. and Ph.D. in psychology at Emory University in Atlanta. Hoyert came to IU Northwest in 1988 for his first teaching job after completing his doctorate.

“I’ve always enjoyed working with our students,” he said. “We have an interesting mix of students, by age and background and life experiences. We have students here who are fairly down to earth. And so they’re enjoyable to interact with.”

In addition to the Lieber Award in 2006, Hoyert has received three IU Teaching Excellence Recognition Awards, three Trustees Teaching Awards, and an IU Northwest Founders Day Teaching Award.

Hoyert has published widely on the scholarship of teaching and on the motivational states that drive academic performance. He has also assumed leadership roles in promoting educational and curricular issues regionally, and he was instrumental in developing and implementing the Bachelor of Science degree in psychology at IU Northwest.



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