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IU Northwest connects to Indiana’s I-Light network

University’s connection to high-speed, fiber-optic network for higher education goes smoothly at 7:30 a.m. Friday

On Friday, May 23, at 7:30 a.m., Indiana University Northwest became the latest campus to utilize I-Light, the state of Indiana's new high-speed, fiber optic information network.

This change gives IU Northwest students, faculty and staff access to the same state-of-the-art information system as 26 other colleges and universities across Indiana. I-Light’s 1,000 miles of fiber optics connect IU Northwest and other educational institutions to each other, to the Internet, and to national research networks such as Internet2. The university’s I-Light connection offers more than 200 times the bandwidth of IU Northwest's former connection to the university network and Internet.

“The I-Light network has become the foundation for the state's advanced cyber-infrastructure and for economic development in Indiana,” said IU Northwest Chief Information Officer Elizabeth Van Gordon. “IU Northwest’s connection to I-Light provides virtually unlimited bandwidth for a wide variety of applications such as HD videoconferencing. The advantages to IU Northwest are immense.”

According to I-Light’s Web site, the system is larger, per capita, than comparable networks in other states, and it is expected to significantly bolster Indiana’s status as a national leader in high-speed networking in support of teaching, research, institutional collaboration, and other activities that benefit the state economy.

“I-Light makes possible extensive growth in research across a wide variety of applications and areas,” said IU Northwest Chancellor Bruce Bergland on Friday. “This increases the university’s involvement in leading-edge research within the higher education community and can attract new research funding. I-Light also creates new learning opportunities by supporting collaboration between all educational communities. This is an exciting time for IU Northwest and the state of Indiana.”

Initially, I-Light connected IU Bloomington, Purdue University in West Lafayette, and IUPUI in Indianapolis. The state has committed to expanding the network to all institutions of higher education in Indiana. IU Northwest is proud to join the state’s other connected institutions on the I-Light network.



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