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Etiquette coach to host Networking Made Easy workshop for students, professionals

Presentation on March 1 includes 90-minute networking reception; alumni, other area professionals encouraged to participate

Are you a networking pro? Do you know how to make an entrance, work a room, make a lasting impression, and exit gracefully? Can you introduce yourself, start and finish a conversation, and place your business cards in the right hands at the right time?

Whatever your answer, the IU Northwest Office of Alumni Relations is pleased to invite you to Networking Made Easy, an interactive presentation on business etiquette that offers students, alumni and other professionals the chance to learn and employ the same forms of protocol practiced in the highest levels of government and business. Presented by Ms. Karen Hickman of Professional Courtesy L.L.C., Networking Made Easy covers everything from the mechanics of a good handshake to tips for remembering peopleís names.

A networking reception will follow the presentation. There, participating students will apply Hickmanís techniques as they introduce themselves to IU Northwest alumni and other Northwest Indiana professionals. This is a great opportunity for seasoned professionals to share their insight and experiences with the next generation of government, business and not-for-profit leaders.

Networking Made Easy will be held March 1 at 4 p.m. in the Savannah Center Auditorium, with networking reception to follow at 5:30 p.m. in the Savannah Lobby. The cost of attendance is $5 if registered prior to Fe. 19 and $10 thereafter. Reservations are limited to the first 100 respondents. Call (219) 980-6650 to register.

As the co-founder of Professional Courtesy L.L.C., Karen Hickman has been teaching business etiquette and protocol in corporate, medical and university settings since 1999. She was trained and certified by The Protocol School of Washington, whose consultants are currently providing the highest-quality business-etiquette programs and information in the country. Hickman is also a member of the International Association of Protocol Consultants.

In addition to her qualifications as presenter and protocol coach, Hickman is a trained nurse whose healthcare experience has given her specific insights into the important role of etiquette and protocol in the medical-office setting. Healthcare professionals in Northwest Indiana are strongly encouraged to attend this worthwhile presentation.

In todayís highly competitive economy, first impressions can mean the difference between a thank-you note and a second interview, or between making a deal and breaking one. Networking Made Easy will teach participants how to package their professional strengths into a confident, engaging presentation of self that will help to transform new acquaintances into valued colleagues and open doors to opportunity at every turn.

IU Northwest is pleased to invite members of the Northwest Indiana professional community to join our students and alumni in this important career-building workshop. Come meet our students, share your wisdom, and network with fellow professionals at IU Northwest.



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